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Equatorial Guinea Government

Latest population


Independence Day
October 12 1968

Equatorial Guinea National Anthem

Let Us Tread the Path of our Immense Happiness
Let us walk the path
Of our great happiness.
In brotherhood, without separation,
Freedom Sing!
After two centuries of being subjected
Under colonial rule,
In fraternal union, without discrimination,
Freedom Sing!
Let us shout live Guinea,
Defend our freedom.
Sing always free Guinea,
And always retain the unit.
Let us shout live Guinea,
Defend our freedom.
Sing always free Guinea,
And always preserve national independence
And we preserve and conserve
National independence.


Central African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers
Local numbers only

Spanish 67%
Other (includes Fang, Bubi, Portugese, French) 32.4%

Equatorial Guinea Political parties
Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea
Partido Democrático de Guinea Ecuatorial, PDGE
Founded : 11 October 1987
Website : www.pdge-ge.org

Convergence for Social Democracy
Convergencia Para la Democracia Social
Founded : 1990
Website : www.cpds-gq.org

Other parties

Bubi Union
Co-operative of the Democratic Opposition (CODE)
Democratic Development Union (UDD)
Democratic Federal Party (PFD)
Democratic Social Independent Party (PIDS)
Equatorial Guinean Resistance (RGE) — politico-military organisation
Guinean People's Liberation Force (FLPGE)
Liberal Democratic Convention (CLD)
Liberal Party of Equatorial Guinea (PLGE)
Movement of Liberty and the Future of Equatorial Guinea (MOLIFUGE)
National Alliance for Democratic Restoration (ANRD)
National Movement for the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea (MONALIGE)
National Resistance of Equatorial Guinea (RENAGE)
Party of the Democratic Coalition (PCD) — alliance of MOLIFUGE, UB, and UDD
Party of the Social Democratic Coalition (PCSD)
Platform of the United Opposition (POC)
Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea (AP)
Popular Union of Equatorial Guinea (UP)
Reformist Party of Equatorial Guinea (PRGE)
Republican Democratic Force (FDR)
Republican Union of Equatorial Guinea (UR)
Social Democratic and Popular Convergence (CSDP)
Social Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PSD)
Social Democratic Union of Equatorial Guinea (UDS)
Socialist Party of Equatorial Guinea (PSGE)
Union for Democracy and Social Development (UDDS)
Union of Independent Democrats (UDI)
Union of the Centre-Right (UCD)

Nominally Christian and predominantly Roman Catholic

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