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Croatia Government
Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
Ocotber 8 1991

Croatia National Anthem
Our Beautiful Homeland

Our beautiful homeland,
O so fearless and gracious.
Our fathers' ancient glory,
May you be blessed forever.

Dear, you are our only glory,
Dear, you are our only one,
Dear, we love your plains,
Dear, we love your mountains.

Sava, Drava, keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigour,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
That a Croat loves his homeland.

Whilst his fields are kissed by sunshine,
Whilst his oaks are whipped by wild winds,
Whilst his dear ones go to heaven,
Whilst his live heart beats.

Croatian Kuna

Emergency numbers

Croatian 95.6%
Serbian 1.2%
Other 3% (including Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Albanian), Unspecified 0.2%

Croatia Police
Agency overview : Formed 1990
Preceding agency : Milicija, (Socialist Republic of Croatia, SFRY)
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 33
Minister responsible : Davor Božinovic, Minister of Internal Affairs
Agency executive : General Police Director
Police Administrations : 20

Website : https://www.mup.hr/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Croatia Political parties
Modern parties

Political parties with elected representation at the national level

Croatian Democratic Union
Hrvatska demokratska zajednica

Founded 17 June 1989
Website :- www.hdz.hr

Social Democratic Party of Croatia
Socijaldemokratska partija Hrvatske

Founded 3 November 1990
Website :- http://www.sdp.hr/

Bridge of Independent Lists
Most nezavisnih lista

Founded 17 November 2012
Website :- http://most-nl.com/

Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats
Hrvatska narodna stranka - Liberalni demokrati
Founded 13 October 1990
Website http://www.hns.hr/

Croatian Peasant Party
Hrvatska seljačka stranka
Founded 22 December 1904
Website http://hss.hr/

Istrian Democratic Assembly
Istarski demokratski sabor
Dieta democratica istriana
Founded 14 February 1990
Website http://ids-ddi.com/

Independent Democratic Serb Party
Samostalna demokratska srpska stranka
Самостална демократска српска странка
Founded 1997
Website http://sdss.hr/

Croatian Democratic Alliance
of Slavonia and Baranja
Hrvatski demokratski savez
Slavonije i Baranje
Founded 1997
Website http://www.hdssb.hr/

Croatian Party of Pensioners
Hrvatska stranka umirovljenika
Founded 26 April 1996
Website http://www.hsu.hr/

People's Party - Reformists
Narodna stranka - reformisti

Founded 28 September 2014
Website http://reformisti.hr/

Croatian Social Liberal Party
Hrvatska socijalno-liberalna stranka

Founded 20 May 1989
Website http://www.hsls.hr/

Croatian Christian Democratic Party
Founded 2009
Website :- NA

Roman Catholic 86.3%
Orthodox 4.4%
Muslim 1.5%
Other 1.5%
Unspecified 2.5%
Not religious or atheist 3.8%


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