Nervous System

Sorting Protein in Neurons Defends Against Neurodegenerative Disease
A molecule known as VPS35 detects and removes defective proteins from neurons. Researchers show for the first time that VPS35 clears the brain of a potentially harmful protein called tau, which ...

Nerve Transfer Surgery Restores Hand Function and Elbow Extension in 13 Young Adults With Complete Paralysis
Nerve transfer surgery has enabled 13 young adults with complete paralysis to regain movement and function in their elbows and hands, according to ...

A Short Bout of Exercise Enhances Brain Function
Neuroscientists, working with mice, have discovered that a short burst of exercise directly boosts the function of a gene that increases connections between neurons in the ..

The Neuroscience of Autism: New Clues for How Condition Begins
Scientists have uncovered details of a key cellular mechanism crucial for proper brain development. It involves a gene that, when mutated, had previously been linked to the ...

Scientists unlock new role for nervous system in regeneration
Researchers were able to explain, predict, and even manipulate regeneration of the flatworm body

Biologists have developed a computational model of flatworm regeneration to answer an important question in regeneration research - what are the signals that determine the rebuilding of specific anatomical structures? The model confirms experiments showing how numerous factors determine body pattern formation, and the critical role nerve fibers play in determining polarity in regeneration. The model could help understand regeneration in mammals, birth defects, and bioengineering of organoids.