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Niger Government

Latest population


Independence Day
August 3 1960

Niger National Anthem
The Nigerien

Throughout great powerful Niger
Which makes nature more beautiful,
Let us be proud and grateful
For our newfound freedom!

Let us avoid vain quarrels
In order to spare ourselves bloodshed,
And may the glorious voices
Of our race be free of domination!

Let us rise in a single leap
As high as the dazzling sky,
Where stands guard its eternal soul
Which will make the country greater!

Arise! Niger! Arise!
May our fruitful labors
Rejuvenate the heart of this old continent!
And may the song be heard
In the four corners of the Earth
As the cry of a fair and valiant people!

Arise! Niger! Arise!
On the ground and on the wave,
To the sound of the drums
In their growing rhythms
Let us always remain united,
And may each one respond
To this noble future
Which tells us: - Go forward!

West African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers


Niger Police - National Police of Niger
Agency overview
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Overviewed by : Direction générale de la police nationale
Headquarters : Niamey, Niger
Minister responsible : Ministry of the Interior
Agency executive : Director-General
Directorates : 11

Website : http://www.police.ne/

For detailed and more information, see the source

Niger Political parties
Dominant parties of the Third and Fifth Republics

Democratic and Social Convention
(Convention démocratique et sociale-Rahama, CDS-Rahama)

Founded in January 1991

National Movement for the Development of Society
(Mouvement National pour la Société du Développement, MNSD-Nassara)
Founded 1989
Website :- www.mnsd-nassara.org

Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism
(Parti Nigerien pour la Democratie et le Socialisme, PNDS-Tarayya)

Founded December 23, 1990
Website :- http://pnds-tarayya.net

Dominant party of Fourth Republic

Rally for Democracy and Progress (Niger)
(Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et le Progrès, RDP-Jama'a)

Founded 1996

Dominant parties of colonial era, First Republic

Nigerien Progressive Party – African Democratic Rally
( Parti Progressiste Nigérien-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain, PPN-RDA)
Founded 1946

Union of Popular Forces for Democracy and Progress-Sawaba French:
( Union des Forces Populaires pour la Démocratie et le Progrès, UDFP-Sawaba)

Founded 1954

Smaller contemporary parties

Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress

Nigerien Self-Management Party
(Parti nigérien pour l'utogestion, PNA-Al'ouma)
Founded by Jackou on 2 February 1997

Republican Party for Liberty and Progress

Party for Socialism and Democracy in Niger
(Parti pour le socialisme et la démocratie au Niger, PSDN-Alheri)
Founded on 18 May 1992

Social Democratic Rally
( Rassemblement social démocratique, RSD-Gaskiya)
Founded by Cheiffou in January 2004

Union for Democracy and Social Progress
( Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social, UDPS-Amana)
Founded in 1990

Union for Democracy and the Republic
( Union pour la Démocratie et la République-Tabbat, UDR-Tabbat)
Founded 12 September 1999

The Union of Independent Nigeriens
(Union des Nigériens Indépendants, UNI)
Founded 17 May 1999

Union of Democratic and Progressive Patriots
( Union des Patriotes Démocrates et Progressistes)
Founded 11 December 1990

Muslim 99.3%
Christian .3%
animist .2%
None .1%

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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.