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Independence Day
September 2 1945

Vietnam National Anthem
Doan Quan Viet-Nam Di
[March to the Front]
Verse 1
Soldiers of Vietnam, we go forward,
With the one will to save our Fatherland
Our hurried steps are sounding on the long and arduous road
Our flag, red with the blood of victory, bears the spirit of our country
The distant rumbling of the guns mingles with our marching song.
The path to glory passes over the bodies of our foes.
Overcoming all hardships, together we build our resistance bases.
Ceaselessly for the people's cause we struggle,
Hastening to the battle field!
Forward! All together advancing!
Our Vietnam is strong eternal.
Verse 2
Soldiers of Vietnam, we go forward,
The gold star of our flag in the wind
Leading our people, our native land, out of misery and suffering
Let us join our efforts in the fight for the building of a new life.
Let us stand up and break our chains.
For too long have we swallowed our hatred
Let us keep ready for all sacrifices and our life will be radiant.
Ceaselessly for the people's cause we struggle,
Hastening to the battlefield!
Forward! All together advancing!
Our Vietnam is strong eternal.
Sent by Carlos Andrй Pereira da Silva Branco

Vietnamese Dong

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 05
Fire: 08
Police: 03

English (increasingly favored as a second language)
Some French
Mountain-area languages (Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian)

Vietnam Police
Agency overview : Formed 1962
Dissolved : 1975
Jurisdiction : National
Headquarters : Saigon, Vietnam
Agency executive : Director-General of the National Police

Website : https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXoypizjW3WknFiJnKLwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1m

For detailed and more information, see the source

Vietnam Political parties
Other parties

Only the Communist Party of Vietnam is legal to operate in Vietnam, other parties exist outside Vietnam or secretly operate inside Vietnam:

Communist Party of Vietnam
Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam
Founded : 3 February 1930
Website : http://en.dangcongsan.vn/

People's Action Party of Vietnam
Đảng Nhân Dân Hành Động Việt Nam
Founded : January 18, 1991

Vietnam Reform Revolutionary Party
Việt-nam Canh-tân Cách-mạng Đảng
Founded : September 10, 1982

Bloc 8406
Khối 8406

Many members of these parties have been jailed in Vietnam under the charge of "attempt to overthrow the government". Political rights are very limited in Vietnam, especially right to change the government.

Buddhist 7.9%
Catholic 6.6%
Hoa Hao 1.7%
Cao Dai 0.9%
Protestant 0.9%
Muslim 0.1%
None 81.8%

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Many others (non blood related) helped.

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