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Trinidad And Tobago Government

Ministry of Legal Affairs

Latest population

Port of Spain

Independence Day
August 31 1962

Trinidad And Tobago National Anthem
National anthem of Trinidad and Tobago

Forged from the love of liberty
In the fires of hope and prayer
With boundless faith in our destiny
We solemnly declare:

Side by side we stand
Islands of the blue Caribbean sea,
This our native land
We pledge our lives to thee.

Here every creed and race finds an equal place,
And may God bless our nation
Here every creed and race find an equal place,
And may God bless our nation.

Trinidad And Tobago Dollar

Emergency numbers
Ambulance: 990
Fire: 990
Police: 999

Trinidadian Creole English
Tobagonian Creole English
Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Hindi)
Trinidadian Creole French


Trinidad and Tobago Police
Agency overview : Formed 1592
Legal personality : Governmental Government agency

Operational structure
Headquarters : Police Administration Building, Edward and Sackville Street, Port of Spain
Elected officer responsible : Minister of National Security
Agency executive : Commissioner of Police
Parent agency : Ministry of National Security

Website : http://www.ttps.gov.tt/

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Trinidad And Tobago Political parties
The parties

Active political parties

People's Partnership (United National Congress, Congress of the People, Tobago Organisation of the People and National Joint Action Committee)
Founded in advance of the 2010 general election
Website :- http://peoplespartnership.unitednationalcongress.org/

People's National Movement
Founded 22 June 1955
Website :- http://www.pnmtt.org/

Democratic Development Party (DDP)

Democratic National Assembly
Founded March, 2006
Website :- NA

Independent Liberal Party
Founded 7 July 2013
Website :- http://www.ilptnt.com//

Movement for National Development

National Solidarity Assembly
Founded NA
Website :- http://nationalsolidarityassembly.blogspot.com/

New National Vision

Youth Empowerment Party

Defunct or dormant political parties

Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago
Founded 2001
Website :- NA

National Democratic Alliance (Trinidad & Tobago)
Founded in July 2006
Website :- NA

National Team Unity
Founded Team Unity, to contest party elections in the United National Congress in 2001
Website :- NA



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