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22 February

Events February 22

1819 – By the Adams-Onís Treaty, Spain sells Florida to the United States for five million U.S. dollars.
1848 – The French Revolution of 1848, which would lead to the establishment of the French Second Republic, begins.
1879 – In Utica, New York, Frank Woolworth opens the first of many of 5 and dime Woolworth stores.
1904 – The United Kingdom sells a meteorological station on the South Orkney Islands to Argentina, the islands are subsequently claimed by the United Kingdom in 1908.
1948 – Communist revolution in Czechoslovakia.
1958 – Egypt and Syria join to form the United Arab Republic.
1979 – Independence of Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom.
1986 – Start of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines.
1997 – In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that an adult sheep named Dolly has been successfully cloned.
2011 – An earthquake measuring 6.3 in magnitude strikes Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 185 people.







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Independence Day
Saint Lucia : February 22 1979

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