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Senegal Government

Ministry of Justice

Latest population


Independence Day
April 4 1960

Senegal National Anthem

Strum your Koras, Strike the Balafons

Everyone strum your koras, strike the balafons.
The red lion has roared.
The tamer of the savannah
Has leapt forward,
Dispelling the darkness.
Sunlight on our terrors, sunlight on our hope.
Stand up, brothers, here is Africa assembled.

Fibres of my green heart,
Shoulder to shoulder, my more-than-brothers,
O Senegalese, arise!
Join sea and springs, join steppe and forest!
Hail mother Africa, hail mother Africa.

Senegal, you the son of the lion's froth,
Sprung from the night to the gallop of horses,
Give us, oh! give us the honour of our ancestors,
Splendid as ebony and strong as muscle,
We say it clearly – the sword has no flaw.

Senegal, we take on your great work:
To shelter the chicks from the falcons,
To make, from east to west, north to south,
Arisen, one single people, a people without seams,
But a people turned to all the winds of the earth.

Senegal, like you, like all our heroes,
We will be hard without hatred, with two open arms.
The sword in peace-time we will store in the scabbard,
For work and words will be our weapon.
The Bantu is a brother, and so is the Arab and the White.

But if the enemy burns our borders
We will be risen with weapons in our hands:
One people defying all sorrows with its faith,
Young and old, men and women.
Death, yes! We say death, but not shame.

West African CFA Franc

Emergency numbers
Local numbers only

French (official)

Senegal Political parties
African Independence Party – Renewal
(in French: Parti Africain de l'Indépendance)

Founded:- August 14, 1976
Website:- http://p-a-i-sn.tripod.com/

African Party for Independence of the Masses
(Parti Africain pour l'Indépendance des Masses)
Founded:- July 1982
Website:- Not Available

Alliance for Progress and Justice/Jëf-Jël
(Alliance pour le Progrès et la Justice/Jëf-Jël)

Alliance for the Republic–Yakaar
(Alliance pour la république, APR)
Founded:- 1 December 2008
Website:- http://www.apr.sn/

Alliance of the Forces of Progress
(Alliance des forces de progrès)
Website:- http://www.afp-senegal.org/

And-Jëf/African Party for Democracy and Socialism
(And-Jëf/Parti Africain pour la démocratie et le socialisme)
Founded:- 1991
Website:- Not Available

Democratic League/Movement for the Labour Party
(Ligue Démocratique/Mouvement pour le Parti du Travail)
Founded:- July 9, 1981
Website:- http://www.ldmpt.sn/

Front for Socialism and Democracy/Benno Jubël

Gainde Centrist Bloc
(Jean-Paul Dias)

Movement for the Liberation of the Senegalese People
(Louis Jacques Senghor)

National Democratic Rally
(Rassemblement national démocratique)
Founded:- 18 June 1981
Website:- Not Available

Party of Independence and Labour
(Parti de l'Indépendance et du Travail)

Rally of the Ecologists of Senegal
(Rassemblement des écologistes du Sénégal – Les Verts)

Senegalese Democratic Party
Founded:- 31 July 1974
Website:- www.sopionline.com

Senegalese Democratic Party-Renewal
(Parti Démocratique Sénégalais-Rénovation)

Founded:- 1987
Website:- Not Available

Senegalese Democratic Union-Renewal
(Union Démocratique Sénégalais-Rénovation)

Founded:- 1985
Website:- Not Available

Socialist Party of Senegal
Parti socialiste du Sénégal

Founded:- 1958 (as UPS)
Founded:- 1976 (as PS)
Website:- http://www.ps-senegal.sn/

Union for Democratic Renewal (Senegal)
(Union pour le renouveau démocratique)

Founded:- 1998
Website:- Not Available

United to Boost Senegal
(Bennoo Siggil Senegaal, BSS)

Founded:- 22 March 2009
Website:- Not Available

Muslim 95.9% (most adhere to one of the four main Sufi brotherhoods)
Christian 4.1% (mostly Roman Catholic)

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Bhau started postponing death of founder (his son) on 28.08.2013 because founder has not finished his responsibility to serve Mother Earth.

Many others (non blood related) helped.

That's togetherness.

Millions of individuals & organisations are serving earth.

The master key is integration and sharing their work.