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Welcome To Greenland (North America continent)

Greenland National Anthem

You Our Ancient Land
Our country, which has become so old your head is all covered with white hair.
Always held us, your children, in your bosom and gave us the riches of your coasts.

As middle children in the family we blossomed here Kalaallit,
we want to call ourselves before your proud and honourable head.

With a burning desire to develop what you have to give, renewing,
removing your obstacles of our desire to move forward, forward.

The way of matured societies is our zealous goal to attain;
the effect of speech and letters we long to behold.

Humbleness is not the course, Kalaallit wake up and be proud!
A dignified life is our goal; courageously take a stand.

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 28.8.2013 : Founder death postponed by Bhau and others
 Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Apule Ghar
(Universe is our house)
Note MY house, but our house
, which means world is larger family