Welcome To American Samoa

Pago Pago

224 sq kms

US $

Emergency numbers
911 (USA)

Samoan 88.6%
English 3.9%
Tonga 2.7%
Other Pacific islander 3%
Other 1.8%

American Samoa Government

Latest population

Christian 98.3%
Other 1%
Unaffiliated 0.7%

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Where is American Samoa located in this large world ?
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Interesting facts

American Samoa is a group of five islands and two coral atolls located in the South Pacific Ocean.facts about American Samoa

Its nearest countries are Samoa to the north west, Niue Island to the south, Fiji to the south west and Wallis and Futuna to the west.

It has an area of 76.8 square miles (199 square kilometres).

The coordinates for American Samoa are 14.3000° S, 170.7000°

American Samoa’s population was 55,165 in 2013.

Pago Pago is the capital and has a population of 3,656 (2010).

The terrain here is rugged and mountainous across the five volcanic islands with the coral atolls providing a natural habitat for endless beautiful tropical fish and sea-life.

American Samoa enjoys a tropical marine climate with a rainy season between November to April and little temperature variation throughout the year. Lucky so-and-so’s!

The average life expectancy here is 75 years.

The currency of American Samoa is the United States Dollar.

American Samoa’s official languages are Samoan and English, with Tongan and other Pacific Island languages spoken too.

Samoan’s are incredibly proud of their culture and beautiful country (hardly surprising when you look at its sandy beaches and crystal clear water) and apparently ‘Samoa’ actually means ‘Sacred earth’ in Samoan!

Amazingly, American Samoa is home to only 3 land mammals, all of which are bats!

They grow bananas, vegetables, coconuts, taro, breadfruit, yams, copra, pineapples and papayas, rear livestock and produce dairy products here.

The country’s main industry is tuna processing, but handicrafts are also prevalent.

American Samoa exports canned tuna on a large scale, some of which you’ve probably eaten!

The international dialling code for American Samoa is 001684. Click here to find out how to make cheap calls to American Samoa with Cherry Call