Welcome To Aruba

Aruba National Anthem

Aruba sweet land

Aruba appreciated homeland
our beloved native soil
even though you are small and simple
you will be respected.

Oh Aruba dear country
our rock so beloved
our love for you is so strong
that nothing can destroy it.

Your beaches so much admired
with palm trees all adorned
your coat of arms and flag
the pride of us all

The greatness of our people
is their great cordiality
that God may guide and preserve
his love for liberty!


180 sq kms

Guilders / Florins
USD accepted

Emergency numbers

Papiamento 69.4%
Spanish 13.7%
English 7.1%
Dutch 6.1%
Chinese 1.5%
Other 1.7%
Unspecified 0.4%

Aruba Government

Law ministry
Ministry of Justice

Latest population

Aruba Political parties
Aruban Liberal Organization
28 September 2001

Aruban People's Party
Partido di Pueblo Arubano
Founded : 1942
Website : AVP.aw

People's Electoral Movement (Aruba)
Electorale Volksbeweging (Dutch)
Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo (Papiamento)
Partido di Pueblo Arubano
Founded : 1971
Website : www.mep.aw

Roman Catholic 75.3%
Protestant 4.9%
Jehovah's Witness 1.7%
Other 12%
None 5.5%
Unspecified 0.5%


They are famous and ehnance country brand

1 A Part Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands
2 One Happy Island
3 Palm Beach
4 Tap Water Is As Good As Bottled
5 Postcard Worthy Eagle Beach And The Famous Fofoti Tree
6 Fort Zoutman and King Willem III Tower
7 Aruba Is A Melting Pot Of Nationalities
8 Almost 365 Days Of Summer
9 Arikok National Park
10 Sarah – Quita Offringa
11 Aruba Carnival
12 Safe and Sound
13 The AIFF – Aruba International Film Festival
14 Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge
15 Aruba Aloe
16 No Taxes For Gambling Wins
17 You Can See Venezuela
18 Cosecha Aruba
19 Eco-friendly Hotel
20 June is their Aloe Wellness Month
21 Aruba Island Takeover
22 The Unique Aruban License Plate
23 Queen Beatrix International (Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix)
24 Casabiri And Ayo Rock Formations
25 Oranjestad, the capital city of Aruba
26 The Antilla Shipwreck
27 Bushiribana And Balashi Gold Mill Ruins