Welcome To Bouvet Island

49 sq km

Bouvet Island Government

Bouvet Island is a Norwegian uninhabited protected nature reserve.
No habitation (Not a single person is a citizen of this island because of weather)

The island is based in the South Atlantic Ocean, near Antarctica. If you look at the Bouvet Island map, you will see why it is the so-called most remote island in the world. There is a 1600 kilometers distance between the nearest land and the island. What is the Bouvet Island population? Due to its extreme location and climate, the Bouvet Island population is zero, which means it does not have permanent residents. Temporary residents are tourists and researchers who visit Bouvet Island for a short period. Who owns Bouvet Island? The island was discovered by a French explorer Charles Bouvet, but now the French are not the people who own Bouvet Island. In 1927, the island was spotted by a Norwegian expedition, and they claimed the island as a Norvegian land. Today, it is a natural reserve that belongs to the Norwegian Kingdom.