Film Celebrities
Film celebrities, we are different.

We know there are many portals which focus on celebrities and are much better than us in coverage and reachout.

Where we are different is the fact that we share celebrities who invest time or money or name or all of them to social organisations or social issues or climate issues.

The film celebrities can be film heroines, heroes, grandfathers or grandmothers or even villains who are helping social or climate issues in real life.

And each of these film celebrities will have a separate page on top of which one can put a banner for a donation and the amount will be towards Developed Nation Network Trust, an NGO we formed in 2009, which has 80 G and FCRA, so it can accept donation from anywhere in the world and the donation will be used for global examples and development of Thane district in India.

And in each celebrity type, we will have one or more from Thane, our global example. We know Thane celebrities of any type will not have followers of the scale of any global celebrity of any category but we want to make Thane a wonderful global example of development and know that Thane celebrities have power to influence Thaneites.

You can put your banner on the index page of film celebrities because if one wants to see any film celebrity, one will come here and then go to that celebrity.