Welcome To Kosovo

Kosovo National Anthem
O beloved motherland, land of bravery
Nest of love
On you eagles fly and stars shine
Land of our ancestors
Be thou blessed for life and years
O our mother
We will protect you
O beloved motherland, land of bravery
Nest of love


10,887 sq km


Emergency numbers

Albanian 94.5%
Bosnian 1.7%
Serbian 1.6%
Turkish 1.1%
Other 0.9% (includes Romani)
Unspecified 0.1%

Kosovo Government

Kosovo Political parties
Major parties

Democratic Party of Kosovo
Founded : May 14, 1999
Website : http://www.pdk.info

Democratic League of Kosovo
Founded : 23 December 1989
Website : http://www.ldk-ks.eu/

Founded : 2005
Website : www.vetevendosje.org

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo
Founded : 29 April 2001
Website : http://www.aak-ks.org/

Serb List
Founded : 2014

Initiative for Kosovo
Founded : 28 February 2014
Website : http://www.nisma.info

Minor parties

Strong Party
Partia e Fortë
Founded : 21 June 2013
Website : http://www.partiaeforte.com/

Democratic Alternative of Kosovo

Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo
Website : http://www.pshdk.com/

Democratic League of Dardania
Founded : January 2007
Website : http://www.ldd-kosova.org/

Green Party of Kosovo
Founded : September 1991

Liberal Party of Kosovo
Website : http://n.1asphost.com/mend/base/

Minority parties

Turkish Justice Party of Kosovo (Kosova Türk Adalet Partisi)

Ashkali Party for Integration (Partia Ashkalinjëve për Integrim)

Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo (Bošnjacka Stranka Demokratske Akcije Kosova)

Civic Initiative of Gora (Gradanska Inicijativa Gore)

Civic Initiative National Wing (Gradjanska Inicijativa Krilo Naroda)

Coalition Vakat (Koalicija Vakat)

Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo (Partia Demokratike e Ashkanlive të Kosovës)

Kosovo Turkish Union (Kosova Türk Birligi)

League of Egyptians of Kosovo (Lidhja e Egjiptianëve të Kosovës)

Montenegrin Democratic Party (Crnogorska Demokratska Stranka)

New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo (Iniciativa e re Demokrarike e Kosovës)

New Democratic Party (Nova Demokratska Stranka)

Party of Democratic Action (Stranka Demokratske Akcije)

Social Democratic Party of Gora (Socijaldemokratska Stranka Gore)

Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo (Kosova Demokratik Türk Partisi)
Founded : 19 July 1990 (as TDU)
Website : Kosova Türk Demokratik Partisi

United Roma Party of Kosovo (Partia Rome e Bashkuar e Kosovës)

Serb List

Civic Initiative Serbia (Gradanska Inicijativa Srbija)

Independent Liberal Party (Samostalna Liberalna Stranka)
Founded : 2006
Website : http://www.sls-ks.org/

New Democracy (Nova Demokratija)
Founded : 11 July 2007

Serb Democratic Party of Kosovo and Metohija (Srpska Demokratska Stranka Kosova i Metohije)

Serb Kosovo-Metohija Party (Srpska Kosovsko-Metohijska Stranka)

Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija (Srpska Lista za Kosovo i Metohiju)

Serb People's Party (Srpska Narodna Stranka)

Serbian Social Democratic Party (Srpska Socijal Demokratska Stranka)

Union of Independent Social Democrats of Kosovo and Metohija (Savez Nezavisnih Socijaldemokrata Kosova i Metohije)

United Serbian List (Jedinstvena Srpska Lista) (all-Serb list, lists 56 candidates of both the ruling and the opposition parties based in Belgrade)

Muslim 95.6%
Roman Catholic 2.2%
Orthodox 1.5%
Other 0.1%
None 0.1%
Unspecified 0.6%