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Disease and illness as well as financial helplessness are inevitable parts of our life. Innumerable elements of our society do not possess enough strength to face such inevitability. Hence some voluntary organizations strive to provide helping hand to such needy individuals. The R.S.S. Janakalyan Samiti is such organization. Its objective is to provide safe and reasonably priced blood to each needy patient.

The supply of blood is the best medium of service to patients. Our aim is to establish a chain of blood banks all over Maharashtra. Kai. Wamanrao Oka Raktpedhi in Thane fulfils our objective. The Kai. Wamanrao Oka Raktpedhi will endeavour to occupy a special and leading position in the field of blood banks. It will see with the cooperation of the citizens of Thane city, that not a single patient in and around Thane suffers from the shortage of blood.

It provides blood bags at a price affordable to the poor without compromising with the quality under any circumstances. This blood bank has a scheme for supplying blood free of cost to the Thalassemia patients. The blood bank will not only serve people through its many schemes but it will also create brotherly feelings in society at large through the medium of blood.

Kai. Wamanrao Oka Raktpedhi is a not for profit organisation which is
FDA & SBTC approved
Operational since May 3, 2007
Working with patient safety at the core
Committed to society by catering to the needs of every single member of every social strata
Believes only in voluntary blood donation
Part of RSS-Jankalyan samiti chain of blood banks

A Small Fact
Blood Bank was envisaged and brought into existence by people in Thane primarily to,
Support the need of the quality blood for growing population of the city
Create an alternative to prevailing system to,
Assure blood quality
Ensure safety and security of donor & patient
Put a control on the prices
Project is well supported by Thane residents…

To Serve Society by ensuring
Highest blood quality
Safety of blood & blood components
Safety & security of the donor & patient
High blood availability
Lowest price tag per bag
Sustained efforts to make people aware about
Voluntary donation and
Critical aspects about blood transfusion
Mission enablers

Highly skilled staff
Qualified medical officers and technical staff
FDA approved staff
Intensive training regime for trainee
Fully equipped mobile blood collection van
Round the clock, Round the year availability
Door step service to hospitals & patients
Testing with 4th Generation ELISA machine
Antigen test for malaria parasite
Gel technology for cross-matching
Apheresis facility (Single donor platlet)
Central monitoring system for cold chain
Special lift for blood bag movement
Separate tested & untested blood storage facility
Total storage capacity of 1500 blood bags
Safety and security of donor and patient
Strict adherence to FDA standards
Only voluntary donors are accepted
Donor screening to qualify for blood donation
Detailed donor history
On site hemoglobin test and blood grouping
Physical test by doctors
Patient safety
Mandatory cross matching & Hospital verification process
Catering to special needs
Thalassemia patients get blood absolutely FREE
Special discounts to dialysis patients
Heavy discounts to patients from Civil and ESIS and any Muncipal hospital. and
all our patrons, who provide financial cover to the project

Ghantali Mandir Road,
Vishnu Nagar,
Thane – 400602

Phone No : 91-22-25392447 / 91-22-25392440 / 91-22-25385248

Email : woraktapedhi@gmail.com