1st human seen some
2800000 years back.
Nobel Laureates
Nobel's WILL
Olympic winners
Magsaysay Awardees
Pulitzer Prize
Time Person of the year
Booker Prize
World Heritage Sites
Media in USA, China, India, Japan, Brazil, UK, UAE
Thane, can it be a health info capital of the world
UN cant tell you.
Even Google cant tell you
7 Wonders :
Its interesting to note that even 7 wonders have changed with time.
There are 7 wonders ancient and 7 wonders new
Nobel Laureates
Nobel laureates by name, by year, by country, in physics, in chemistry, in physiology or medical science, in literature, in peace and in economic sciences and more important is Nobel's WILL because it shows that true WILL always wins, even if you kill somebody, you can try to hide the truth but no one can kill the truth
Olympic winners (2020)
Sports is a good way to show that wars or diseases cant kill sports. Despite of pandemic, Olympics happened.
Of course the year 2020 was postponed to 2021.
Bhau & others postponed founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat's death on 28.08.2013 maybe because
Sanjay has not served Mother Earth enough.

Founder knows one person can never do all the things all the time even in her or his locality because challenges may die but new challenges take birth. If no one can do all the things all the time in their locality, then doing it in any country or continent or world or universe is not possible.

So founder has decided to promote people and organisations in different countries. And when he leaves this world (expires) someone should take over. Maynot be CSRidentity.com but promoting others who do work in any form.

He will use his learning in life (whether it is his post graduation MBA or advertising, PR, social PR and Identity work experience or sharing NGOs in India since 1999 or how even so called middle class people have ego attitute that is unbelievable) to promote social organisations and of course corporates which gives livlihood to billions of people in the world as employees, supply chain, wholesale agents, retailers .... in different countries in this world.

Rose is considered as "Symbol of love". Roses are brands which win nose, heart and mind. .
From about 230000 types of flowers on earth, millions of people remember rose which is 35 million years old & is masterpiece of all flowers.

Love rose flower but remember that even a rose tree has leaves and thorns.
The leaves are social issues which will live till there are humans in every country.
Dont neglect the social issues. They are part of a life tree.

Rose tree has thorns.
In Botanical terms, they are not thorns but prickles whose purpose is to protect plants from would be predators.
Each country must take care of its people's social issues (leaves), protect itself from enemies (predators) and these enemies can be internal or external.

Outside world sees only rose flower
If you see Rose Awards, they share roses and not rose trees and even if they share trees, the focus is on roses.
People see what is presented to them. That's brand image.
Rose brand image is never thorns. It is flower.
Nobody will make thorns or prickles as celebrities.
But we know prickles (villains) are celebrities like Pran or Amjad Khan in Hindi Films.

So people believe in image and not completeness.
CSRidentity.com is for the people, so we will brand good things.

But founder is a social entrepreneur. So social, health & climate issues, which people neglect must be shared.
That is what we will do.

CSRidentity.com plans to enhance the brand value of Thane and see Thane can be at the world centre for
1) Retail donation practice
2) Health information
3) Online mecahnism which helps NGO Managements across the world
4) Branding NGOs
5) Online mecahnism which helps Corporate Managements across the world

We will do this with our partner NGO called as "Developed Nation Network Trust", which is an NGO which has FCRA as well as 80G.