21000 inspirations. These are people directly and indirectly helping social sector and are from many countries.
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Ashoka Fellows

Giving Pledgers

Nobel Laureates

Business leaders

Film celebs

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UN Ambassadors

We do not cover any politicians, terrorists, naxalites, activists because they are brands anyway & it is against our policy to promote them.

But if any Nobel Laureate or Ashoka Fellow is from these categories, we share it because that is their policy and we do not interfere in their policy

GREATS (Important things to know)
Bhau & others postponed founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat's death on 28.08.2013 maybe because Sanjay has not served Mother Earth enough.

Founder knows one person can never do all the things in her or his locality or country or continent or world or universe. So he has decided to promote people and organisations they built or support which helps the social sector.

He will use his learning in life (whether it is his post graduation MBA or advertising, PR, social PR and Identity work experience or sharing NGOs in India since 1999 or how even so called middle class people have ego attitute that is unbelievable) to promote 21000 inspirations to the world.

And he will put them on the index page of the country they live in or born because he wants to brand countries which he thinks are like rose flowers.

Rose is considered as "Symbol of love". Roses are brands.
From about 230000 types of flowers on earth, millions of people remember rose which is 35 million years old & is masterpiece of all flowers.

Roses win hearts and minds.
Do love rose flower but remember that even a rose tree has
leaves and thorns.

The leaves are social issues which will live till there are humans in every country. Dont neglect the social issues. They are part of a life tree.

Rose tree has thorns. In Botanical terms, they are not thorns but prickles whose purpose is to protect plants from would be predators.

Each country must take care of its people's social issues (leaves), protect itself from enemies (predators).

Outside world sees only rose flower
Because that is what is presented to people.
Nobody will make thorns or prickles as celebrities.
So people believe in image and not completeness. is for the people, so we will brand good things.
But we are governed by someone who is a social entrepreneur.
So social, health & climate issues, which people neglect must be shared.
That is what we will do.