Corporates in Libya


Stock exchange


African Investment Bank
Afriqiyah Airways
Agricultural Bank of Libya
Air Libya
Air One Nine
Alajnihah Airways
Arabian Cement Co.
Arabian Gulf Oil Company
Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce
Brega Marketing Company
Buraq Air
Central Bank of Libya
Challenger LTD
General National Maritime Transport Company
General Posts and Telecommunications Company
Jowfe Oil Technology
Libya Telecom & Technology
Libyan Airlines
Libyan Arab Air Cargo
Libyan Cement Company
Libyan Foreign Bank
Libyan Iron and Steel Company
Libyana, mobile phones
National Oil Corporation
Sahara Bank
See also: List of airlines of Libya
Sirte Oil Company
Technofarm International
Tobruk Air
Trucks and Bus Company
Umma Bank
Waha Oil Company
Western Libyan Gas Project
Zawia Oil Refining Company





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