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NGOs in South Korea 

21 Peace Forum - NGO Coalition of Korea
AeWon Volunteer Corporation
Amnesty Korea
Asia and Oceania Society for Comparative Endocrinology (AOSCE)
Asia Centre for Techological Studies and Mission (ACTS)
Asia Pacific Exhibition and Convention Council (APECC)
Asia-Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics
Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC)
Asian and Pacific Federation of Organization for Cancer Research and Control
Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (AFCMA)
Asian Institute for Civil Society Movement, Republic of Korea
Asian Pacific Association for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery (APALMS)
Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Head (APFSSH)
Asian Pacific Society for Medical Mycology
Asian Regional Association for Home Economics (ARAHE)
Asian Society of Toxicology
Asian Sports Press Union (ASPU)
Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU)
Asian Vascular Society
Asian-Pacific Performing Arts Network (APPAN)
Asian-Pacific Research Foundation for Infectious Diseases (ARFID)
Asociacion Coreana de Estudios Lationamericanos, Seoul
Association for Science Cooperation in Asia (ASCA)
ATEK Association for Teachers of English in Korea
Buddhist Academy for Ecoloical Awakening
Center for Human Rights Dasan
Center for Peace Museum
Church Growth International (CGI)
Civic Movement Communication Center
Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea
Cultural Action
East Asia Network for Taxonomy and Biodiversity Conservation
Family Party for Universal Peace & Unity
Far East Oceanic Fracture Society (FEOFS)
Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS)
Forum des chefs democrates de l'Asie-Pacifique (FDL-AP)
Global Cooperation Society (GCS International)
Global Peace Research Association (GPA)
Good Friends: Center for Peace, Human Rights and Refugees
Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul (GSIS-Seoul)
Green Family Movement Association
Green Korea
Gwangju International Center
Hope Bridge (Korea Disaster Relief)
Ilmin International Relations Institute
Inchon Catholic Environmental Network
Institute for Peace Affairs
Institute for Russian and East European Studies, Seoul
Institute of East and West Studies, Seoul (IEWS-Seoul)
Institute of International Peace Studies, Seoul (IIPS-Seoul)
Institute of Oriental Studies, Seoul
Korea Center for City and Environment Research
Korea Green Foundation
Korea YMCA
Korean Association of Retired Persons (KARP)
Korean House of Internatiaonl Association
Korean War Abductees' Family Union
Korean Youth Union
Miral Welfare Foundation
National Human Rights Commission of Korea
People for Successful Korean Reunification (PSCORE)
Preparing world Saenghwalchejo Contest
Resource Center for Asian NGO's
Sarangbang Group for Human Rights
Sound Sense
Sun Moon Peace Football Foundation
Sun Moon University
The Foundation for Peace and Unification
The Korea National Foundation Association
Tunza Neayen
Volunteer Organization AEWON
Women Making Peace
Women's Federation for World Peace, Republic of Korea (WFWP)






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