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NGOs in Russian Federation

The Little Prince Sculpture Garden of Voronezh, Russia
Africa Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Altai Foundation
Association "Council of Pskov Region Municipalities"
Association for Environmental Education (ASEKO)
Association of European Studies, Moscow (AES)
Association of Pension and Social Funds of the CIS
Baltic D F Ustinov Technical University
Baltic Fund for Nature
Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development (CPCD)
Centre of African Studies, St Petersburg
Centre of Methodology of International Studies
CIS Society of Allergology and Clincal Immunology
Civic Peace Coalition
Commonwealth Lawyers for Cooperation in Asia-Pacific
Consultative Council of Cultural Workers' Unions
East European Acoustical Association (EEAA)
Ecologia Trust
Environment NGO Coalition
Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO)
Euro-Asian Association of Agricultural Engineers (EAAAE)
Euro-Asian Federation of the Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists
Federation of Environmental Education of Saint-Petersburg
General Confederation of Train Unions (GCTU)
Groupe eurasien des architects
House of Europe, Moscow
Human Rights Insitute, Moscow
Institute for Contemporary International Studies (ICIS)
Institute for International Economic and Political Studies, Moscow (IIEPS)
Institute of Latin America of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILA)
Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow
International Discussion Club - Moscow
IPO "Association - International Supermarathon"
Moscow School of Human Rights
New Perspectives Foundation
Non-commercial Partnership of Assistance to Small business Development (Global Partnership Network)
Nonprofit Sector Research Library
Oxygen to the Children
Russian Association Nuclear Science and Education
Social Development Russian Non Governmental Organization
World-CARP Russia






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