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NGOs in Republic Of Moldova 

A.F.IRFF Moldova
Asociatia Filantropica (IRFF ONLUS, IRFF-Moldova)
ASPAZIA Family and Care
Association of Moldovan Legal Clinics
Association Professional Women from Moldova
Center of Alternative Energy from Moldova
Center of analytic technology
CNTM, National Youth Council of Moldova
Eco-TIRAS International Association of River Keepers
Ecological and social association" Vitality "
European Youth Exchange Moldova
Every Child Moldova
EveryChild Moldova
Federatia Familiilor UPLM
Gerontological Association "Second Breath for the Elderly in the North of Moldova"
Hyde Park NGO
Independent Society for Education and Human Rights (SIEDO)
IRFF Moldova
Journalists Union of Moldova
Moldavian Women's Movement Against Poverty and Iliiteracy
Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (IDOM)
Monitorul Civic/Civic Monitor
Monitorul Civic/Civic Monitor
National Youth Council of Moldova
NGO Alternativa
NGO Compasiune
Palliative Care in Family
Pro Marshall Center of the Republic of Moldova
Social Reabilitation and Protection of Women's Rights
The Children's Charitable Foundation "Clipa Siderala"
The Legal Resources Centre
The Moldova National Organization of Scouts
Tighina Informational Center NGO
Womens Organisations Forum, Republic of Moldova






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