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NGO Brands in Nigeria 
A Foundation for Transparency in Nigeria
Abira Agribusiness support project
Abuja Literary Society
Action Health Incorporated
AE Health Links
African Environmental Action Network (EANet-Africa)
After School Graduate Development Centre Employability and Enterprise LTD/GTE
African Hope Organisation
After School Mentoring Project
Aiyetoro Nursery and Primary School
Alliance Rights Nigeria
BIC Farms Concepts
Bee Conservation Project
Brightest and Best Nursery and Primary School
BudgIT Nigeria
Casloh Environmental consults
Centre for Agricultural and Industrial Development in Africa
Centre for Appropiate Technology For Rural Women (CAPTEC)
Centre for Human Rights Research and Development
Centre for the Right to Health
Community Child Education and Development
Community Development Partners (COPED)
Community Life Project
Community & Youth Development Initiatives (CYDI)
Development Dynamics
Development Initiative Network (DIN)
Dewdrop Foundation
Educate a Child in Africa (ECA)
First Preferred Innovators
Friends of the Disabled
Green Access Initiative
Hope Builders International Consult
Human Angle
Human Right Commision
Idea Builders
Ignitia AB
Independent Living Programme
Interfaith Mediation Centre (Muslim-Christian Dialogue Forum)
International Child Care Organization
International Commission of Jurists
Iyalan Dabo Tarbiyya School
Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS)
Karatu, Nigeria Teacher-Led Reading Workshops
Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND)
Lady Mechanic Initiative
Legal Research Initiative
Liberty & Justice
Linking the Youth of Nigeria Through Exchange
Market for Convenience
Mass Braill Production Project
Media Concern for Women and Children (MEDIACON)
Mediating for the Less Privileged and Women Development (MEWOOD)
Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre
Model Mission of Assistance in Africa
Negotiation & Conflict Management Group (NCMG)
Neighbourhood Environment Watch (NEW) Foundation
Nigeria Aids Alliance
Paradigm Initiative Nigeria
Preventive Dentistry Demonstration Centre
Project Alert on Violence Against Women
Project Charilove
Projects Development for Children Survival (PRODECS)
Public & Private Rights Watch
Rural Africa Water Development Project
Solid Base Private School
South Saharan Social Development Organization
StopAIDS Organisation
Stroke Action Nigeria
The Fisher Project
The Smallholders Foundation
The Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (W-TEC)
Tiptop international Nursery & Primary Schoolt
Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF)
Women and Children of Hope
Women Environmental Programme
Women Farmers Advancement Network
Women's Health and Economic Development Assoc. of Nigeria
X-Ray Farms Consulting
Youth Development Initiative Project (Y-DIP)
Youth for Technology Foundation
NGOs in Nigeria  

New Nigeria (ANN)
Abandoned Child Project
Abimbola Care foundation
Abiodun Adebayo Welfare Foundation
Abua-Odual Kupe Foundation
Academie for Cultural Rights and Human Development
Access for Teenagers (AFT)
Access to Human Right & Justice Initiative
Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA)
Achara Ihechiowa Network Forum [AINF]
Action Against Poverty in Africa
Adaamasunle foundation
Adaure Foundation
Adiele Nwankwo WelcomeHomeAfrica
Adolescent Health Vanguard
Adonai Orphanage, Home and Widows Centre
Africa & Information Technology Group (AITG)
Africa Arise Volunteer Association (AFAVA)
Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation
Africa Economic and Peace Networking Organisation
Africa Farming Project
Africa Farming Project
Africa Hope Alive Initiative (AHAI)
Africa Initiative for Education and Economic Development
Africa Integrity Movement (AIM)
Africa Poverty Alleviation Initiative
Africa Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS)
African American Centre for Governance and Development
African American Initiatives
African British Diaspora Returnees Organization
African Centre for Advocacy and Human Development
African Centre for Advocacy and Human Development(ACAHD)
African Centre for Reading and Development
African Centre for Reading and Development
African Centre For Relief, Research & Economic Empowerment
African Child Now
African Child Social Empowerment Centre (ACSEC)
African Christian Youths Development Forum
African Citizens Development Foundation
African Citizens Development Foundation
African Development Enlightenment Organisation
African Enterprises Foundation
African Entrepreneurial and Human Development Initiatives
African Entreprenuerial & Human Development Initiatives (AEDI)
African Families Outreach International
African Foundation for Environment and Development
African Foundation For Human Advancement
African Groundnut Council (AGC)
African Help Society
African Heritage Foundation for Human Development
African Human Assistance Initiative (AHAI)
African Institute for Applied Economics
African Iron and Steel Association (AISA)
African Legacy International - ALI
African Network Without Borders
African Peace Research Association (AFPRA)
African Poverty Alleviation Initiativ (APAI)
African Poverty Alleviation Initiative
African Refugees Foundation
African Regional Centre for Engineering Design and Manufacturing (ARCEDEM)
African Regional Centre for Space and Science Technology Education - English
African Regional Network for Microbiology (ARNM)
African Reinsurance Corporation (AFRICA RE)
African Sports Journalists Union (ASJU)
African Statistical Association (AFSA)
African Underprivileged Children's Foundation (AUCF)
African Women Empowerment Guild (AWEG)
African Youth Development Alliance
African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF)
African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF)
Africans Natures-Work for Sustainable Peace & Development
Afrigrowth Foundation
Afro Centre for Dev. Peace & Justice (AFRODEP)
Agape 4 All Nation
Agape Family Health Aid and Development Initiative
Agape Orphanage Home
AGAR vision africa
Agbekoya Parapo Farmers and Hunters Association of nigeria
Age Concept
Agenda for Community Development (AFCODE)
Agent of Communication and Development
Agricultural Aid Foundation
A'I Saleh Development Foundation
AID Foundation
AIDWAC International Health Organization (AIHO)
Ajoke Ayisat Afolabi Foundation
Ajoke Ayisat Afolabi Foundation
Alebe Collins Nigeria Foundation
Alfvery Foundation
Alicemay Hope Foundation
All Things Beautiful
All-African People's Organization
Alleviating Poverty Through Education (APTE)
Alley Farming Network for Tropical Africa, Nigeria (AFNETA- Nigeria)
Alliance for Econmic and Cultural Reform Centre
Al-Rahman Cares Foundation (ACF)
Ambasadors for Christ Global Support Initiatives
Ambassadors World Outreach
Amy Grace Foundation
Amygrace Foundation
Anedian Group Community Development Facilitators
Angels Connect for Charity International Foundation
Angels Discovery Circles Initiative (ADCI)
Apolar Centre for Youths Development and Public Orientation
Apolar Centre for Youths Development and Public Orientation
Arewa A Yau
Arts For Behavioural Change Foundation (ABCF)
Asabe Shehu Yar'Adua Fondation
Asabe Shehu Yar'Adua Foundation
Ashake Foundation
Association For Childhood Education Practitioners
Association for Community Welfare, Environment, and Health Development (ACWEHD)
Association for Women Improvement in the South South AWISS
Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria
Association of Radiologists of West Africa
Association ofCottage Industrialists of Nigeria
Ate Ogbon Literary Club, Osogbo
Avalanche and Shine Family
Awaka Go Forward International (Center for Youth Development)
Bakassi Environmental Management Initiative (BEMI)
Baliz Orphanage Foundation
Barmanas Trust International
Basic Education Network International
Basic Needs and Human Rights Initiatives
Basic Solution Network for the Displace and Socially Distressed Center
Beekeeping Extension Society
Benifeade & Associates
bensla moral foundation
Be-One Global Organisation (BOGO)
Bethel Initiative International
Bethel Internatioanl Foundation
Betneely Charity Foundation
Better Life Programme for the African (Rural) Woman
Betty Trust Memorial Foundation
Bible Society of Nigeria
Bida Grassroots Sport Development Initiative
Bishop Okoye Centre for Street Children
Black Action for Africa Association
Bobby Grace Foundation
Born Talented Youth Foundation
Brain Torch of Nigeria Students (BTONS)
Brand Nigeria
Bureau of African Labour, Human and Democratic Rights
Cafus Obed Foundation
Capacity Building Network
Care and Development Centre (CADEC)
Care Collaboration
Care For The Aged Initiative
Care for Youth Future Initiative
Care International Organisation
CARE Intl (Citiizens Advocacy & Recreation for the Elderly
Career Builders Network
Caring Hands International
Caring Minds Social Services International
Carlsron Initiative for Peace and Human Rights (CIPEHR)
Catholic Anglophone Media Association of West Africa (CAMAWA)
Catholic Centre For Poverty Reduction (CAPOR NGO)
CCLP Worldwide - Nigeria
CE Farm,Garden of success
Cecilian Foundation International
Center for Adolescents Health and Child Development
Center For African Studies,Adult-Education And Rural Development,CASAERD
Center for Child Care and Youth Development
Center for Coastal Conflicts Prevention
Center for Constitutionalism and Demilitarsition (CENCOD)
Center for Creative Youth International
Center for Environment and Development
Center for Poverty Reduction & Community Development (C-PORCDEV)
Center for Public Enlightenment & Civic Education
Center for Public Health
Center for Sustainable Development in Agriculture
center for sustainable development strategy
Center for the Aged and Motherless
Center for Youth Development Project (CFYDP)
Central Educational Service
Centre for Advocacy Against Corrupt Practices
Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development (CASSAD)
Centre for Child Care and Youth Development
Centre for Children and Youth Counselling
Centre For Climate Change and Environmental Study
Centre for Community Development (CENCOMDEV)
Centre for Conflict Resolution (Nigeria)
Centre For Development Strategy
Centre For Development Strategy
Centre for Gender Empowerment
Centre For Gender Values and Culture
Centre for HIV/AIDS and STD Research
Centre for Human Development & Social Transformation
Centre For Human Strategic Empowerment & Development in Africa (CHSEDA)
Centre for Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI)
Centre for Knowledge, Learning & Evaluation
Centre for Land Rights & Environmental Development
Centre for Land Rights & Environmental Development
Centre for Organisational and Profesional Ethics (COPE-AFRICA)
Centre for Organisational and Professional Ethics (COPE-AFRICA0
Centre For People's Health Peace And Progress 3Ps
Centre for Rural Health and Development
Centre for Urban Action and Development
Centre for Water and Environment Development (CWED)
Centre for Women Development Research and Communications
Centre for Youth Development
Centre for Youths Integrated Development
Challenge Your Disability Initiative (CYDI)
Challenged Children Charity Foundation
Chaplain Relief Organisation
Charles and Doosurgh Abaagu Foundation
Chief Peace Corps Association
Chief Peace Corps Association
Chiefs Peace Corps Council
Chiezedimma Edward Foundation
Chikelv Resource Foundation
Child Care Trust
Child to Child Network
Children and Adult Healthy Living Initiative (CAHLI)
Childrens Health and Community Development
Childs Rights and Advocacy
Christian Community Association
Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation
Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation Inc
Christian Less Priviledge Empowerment Initiative
Christian Less Privileged Empowerment Initiative
Christian Less Privileged Empowerment Initiative
Christian Less Privileged Empowerment Initiative
Christian Mission for Needy Children
Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN)
Christianah Fate Foundation
Church Improvement Society
Citizens Rights and Empowement Advocacy Initiative
Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA)
Clean and Green Cities Foundation
Clear View on Civic Rights Initiative
Club de Panache
Coalition for Good Governance, Accountability, Transperancy and Rule of Law
Coalition for Transparency Accountability and Good Governance
Coalition for Youth Policy Implementation in Africa (CYPIA)
Coalition of civil society organizations in Katsina state
Cocoa Producers' Alliance (CPA)
Cognisci Information Systems and Technologies for Development Foundation
Collins Global Foundation
Comet Nigeria Limited
Committed Advocates for Sustainable Development and Youth Advancement, (CASDYA)
Commonwealth Youth Peace And Development Mission (CYPADEM)
Community Development Action Initiative
Community Development Alert
Community Development for Social & Behavior Change (CODSBEC)
Community Development for Social Behavior Change (CODSBEC)
Community Development Initiatives (CDI)
Community Development Partners (CODEP)
Community Empowerment Organisation
Community Enlightenment and Development Initiative
Community Health Information Education Forum (CHIEF)
Community Initiative Partner
Community Level Environmental Action Network(CLEAN)
Community Life Advancement Project
Community Mobilisation and Awareness Group (COMAG)
Community Outreach Development and Empowerment Centre (CODEC)
Compassion Home Foundation (Nigeria)
Confederation of African Medical Associations and Societies (CAMAS)
Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (COMPEB)
Cooperative Development Research Action Centre
Cooperative Development Research Action Centre
Country Women Association of Nigeria (COWAN)
CRCN AIDS Action Committee
Creative Arts Solution Foundatiom
Creative Technology for Development Initiative (CTDI)
Crime Free & Peace Initiative
Crown Height Organization
Daniel Asekhame Foundation
Daniel Fola Biotechnology Foundation
Daniel Iroegbu Global Dental Health Care Foundation
Daniel Ogec (DOAMF)hi Akujobi Memorial Foundation
David Prince Foundation
Deaf World Television Network
Deaf World Television Network
De-Divine Jessy Heritage Foundation
Delightsome Oaks Mission
De-Likeminds Brothers
Delly Help Foundation
Destiny Fulfilled Project
Destiny Fulfilled Project
Development & Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation
Development and Leadership Institute (DLI)
Development Clinic International (DECI)
Development Education and Advocacy Resources for Africa Initiative (DEAR Africa)
Development Empowerment and Awareness Centre
Development Initiative For Africa Women
Development Partnership International
Development Support Institute Ltd/GTE
Dewdrop Foundation
Dewdrop Foundation
Diamond Development Initiatives
Dignity for Humanity Initiative
Discovery Help Foundation
Divine Heart Medical Initiative
D-Nest Family Foundation
Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development
Don Wood International Foundation
Dream Alive Initiative
DRILL - Developing Resourceful, Impactful, Lively Leaders
Dunns Rural Industrialization Programme (DRIP)
Eagles Wing LIfe Builders Ministry International
Earth Skin Conservation Foundation
Easterbrook Foundation
Echekwu Damian Foundation (EDF)
Echo for Child Help Organisation
Echo for child help organization
Economic and Social Rights Centre
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Edos Heritage Foundation
Egba New Initiative Foundation
Egunec Education Support Foundation (EESF)
Eket Economic Development Organization (EEDO)
Elites Humanitarian Foundation
Emancipation of Children Movement
Emerging and Visionary Leaders Foundation
Emmanuel World Children Foundation
Entre Reneurial Development Initiative (ENDIP)
Entrepreneurial Development Inititative
Entrepreneurship Development And Support Initiative
Environmental Development Initiative
Environmental Development Initiative ( E.D.I )
Environmental Development Initiative (EDI)
Equity Advocates
ETHICS.COM foundation
Even Development Projects
Ewekoro progressive forum
Excel Charity Foundation
Excel Foundation Intenational
Excellent World Foundation
Expectant Leaders Fundaytion
Eyn Competence Center
Faimac-Fight Against Illegal Migration And Crime
Family Advancement Programme (FAP)
Family and Youth Health Initiative (FAYOHI)
Family Hope Association
Family Unity for Sustainable Development Foundation (FUSD)
Farmers Alliance Against Poverty (FAAP)
Farmers Support Initiative (FS INITIATIVE)
Farsar Rural Succour and Care Foundation
Fastlane Women Network
FATE Foundation LTD/GTE
Father Basil Foundation
Federal University of Technology
Federation of Arts for the Youths of All Nations ( FAYON Foundation)
Federation of University Women of Africa
Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce (FWACC)
Feed Africa for Christ
Feed My Lamb Foundation
Female Youth Organisation of Nigeria (FEYON)
Fidel Education Foundation (FEF)
Fire Disaster Prevention and Safety Awareness Association of NGOs
First Lady's Save Our Youth's Campaign
Flame of Hope Foundation
Folorunso College
Food for All International
Fort for Human Development
Forward Africa
Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology
Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology (FADIB)
Foundation for Better Initiatives
Foundation for Child Literacy/Child Rights Defender in Nigeria
Foundation for Civic Advocacy in Africa - The Advocate
Foundation For Disabled Women
Foundation for Efficient Human Development
Foundation for Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development
Foundation for Healthy Environment and Human Development (FHEHD)
Foundation For Integrated Rural And Urban Development
Foundation for Leadership & Education Development (FLED)
foundation For Poverty and Servitude Reduction Initiave (POSERP)
Foundation for the Restoration of the Girl-Child
Foundation for Youths Transformation and Empowerment
Freedom Foundation
Freky Andrew-Essien Care Foundation (FAECARE Foundation))
French Embssy Abuja
Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative
Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative, Abuja
Fresh View Initiative
Friends for Development
Friends for the Preservation of the Niger Delta Environment (FEPEN)
Friends Of the Police
FSH Empowerment Foundation
Future Hope Foundation of Nigeria
Future Strength Foundation
Futures Foundation International
G&P Orphanage Foundation
Gas to Health Initiative (GTHI)
Gas to Health Initiative (GTHI)
GATE (Global Agenda for Total Emancipation)
Gatekeepers Youth Initiative
Gateway to Health and Life (GHL)
Gbagyi Girl Advancement Initiative (GGAI)
Gbenga Lawanson International Network
Gede Foundation
Gender and Development Initiatives (GDI) Nigeria
Gender and Environmental Development Foundation (GEDEF)
Generation Foundation
Generation Initiative For Women and Youth Network
GENERATION NEXT 4 AFRICA (aka Afriworld Youth Mission)
Geodora Samaritans Inc
Geriatric Care Foundation
Giliead Care Resources
Girl Child Education Foundation
Girl Rights Initiative
Give Hope to Underprivileged Foundation
Give Hope To Underprivileged Foundation
G-Leader Development for Empowerment
Global Access Foundation (GAF)
Global Advancement Initiatives (GAI)
Global Aid Africa
Global Educational Initiative For Nigeria (GEIFON)
Global Forum For Peace Justice and Human Rights
Global Fund for Women Grantee Network Nigeria
Global Grassroot Youth Forum
Global Health Awareness Research Foundation (GHARF)
Global Health Development and Peace Initiative (GLOHEDEP)
Global Help
Global Initiative for Sustainable Development
Global Justice Movement
Global Peace Development
Global Peace Initiatives
Global Peace Institute
Global Peace Mission (GPM)
Global Promoters
Global Promoters (NGO)
Global Relief & Empowerment Initiative
Global Safety and Relief Foundation Inc.
Global Units
Global Vision Technology
Global Youth Leadership And Girl-Child Foundation
Glow Care Concepts
Goddonewell Marriage & Family Welfare Foundation
God's Heritage Foundation
God's Wives
Golgotha Victory Foundation
Good Name Foundation
Goodwash Foundation for Health and Environmental Protection
Gorf Foundation
Gospel Voice Communciation
Grace and Light International
Grace Care Resources
Graceland Diabetes Foundation
Gracoma Intiatives Nigeria
Grand Youth Foundation
Grassroot Democratic Performance and Human Rights Foundation
Grassroot Solidarity for Better Nigeria
Grassroots Community Development Initiative (GRACODEV)
Grassroots Development Organisation(GRADO)
Grassroots Empowerment Network
Grassroots Healthcare Foundation
Grassroots Healthcare Foundation, Nigeria
Grassroots Sports Federation of Nigeria
Greater Tomorrow Initiative
Green Mobilisation Initiative(GMI)
Green-bridge Advocates International Initiative
Greener Nigeria Initiative
Greenfields 2000 International (Gf2000)
Greenlane Universal Foundation
Grooming Leadership Network (GLEAN)
Guidance Community Development Foundation
Guidance Community Development Initiative
Gy-Cruze Foundation
Hajiya Safinatu Buhari Foundation
Hand of Hope Foundation
Handicapped Education Foundation (HANDEF)
Head High International
Heal the Land Initiative in Nigeria
Heal the World Mission
Heal the World Mission
Health Actions Concerning the Environment and You (HACEY)
Health First Foundation in AFrica
Health Wise Foundation International
Healthmatch International
Hello Tomorrow Foundation
Help Alliance
Help for the fatherless Scholarship Foundation
HELP Foundation
Help the Less Privileged
Help Them Foundation
Helpers of Orphans and Widows Association Nigeria (HOWAN)
Helps For All International Foundation
Heritage International
Heritage Nigeria
Heritage Nigeria
Heritage of Hope Foundation
HOPe Africa
Hope Africa Initiative
Hope for Family Development Initiative ( HFDI)
Hope For Humanity Foundation International Inc.
Hope For The Needy And Less Privileged Orgnization
Hope Forum for People in Distress (HFPD)
Hope Interactive
Hope Koko Foundation for Orphans and Vulnerable
Hope Rebirth Foundation
Hope To Heart
Human Alleviation Organisation
Human Care and Health Development Foundation
Human Empowerment and Liberation Project
Human Life International
Human Orientaiton Movement for Environment (HOME)
Human Orientation Movement for Environment (HOME)
Human Rights & Juctice Group International
Human Rights and Justice Group International
Human Rights and Justice Group International
Human Rights Information Network (HuRINet)
Human Rights Liberation and Development Initiatives
Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation (HRJPF)
Humanitarian Voluntary Association for Community Development(HuVaCoD
I Care Women and Youth Initiative
I Care Women and Youth Initiative
IDEA Builders
Idea Builders Initiative
Idhrae Value Oriented Initiative
Idumuje-Ugboko Development Union
IIFWP, Nigeria
Ikeoha Foundation
Imam Sports Academy International
Imelda Foundation
Imperative Initiative for Motivation of Global Care
Incorporated Trustees Osita Nwa Jide Rural Folks Foundation
Information Exchange Centre
Initiative for Community Development
Initiative for Development, Education, and Learning
Initiative for Empowerment and Development in Niger Delta
Initiative for Peace, Empowerment & Tolerance (IPET)
Initiative for Peoples' Good Health (IPGH)
Initiative for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children
Initiative for thr Elimination of Violence Against Women & Children (IEVAWC)
Initiative Inventive for mother and child
Initiatives Development Now (IDN)
Inri Widows Foundation (IWF)
Inspire Africa Foundation
Institute for New Leaders (INL)
Institute For Social Work & Geriatric Studies
Institute of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Institute of Work and Society
Integrity and Transparency Promotion Initiative
integrity For Widows & Less Privileged Initiative
Integrity For Widows & Less Privileged Initiative
Integrity Visions Foundation
International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
International Center for Development Affairs (ICDA)
International Center For Environmental Health & Development (ICEHD)
International Centre for the Advancement of Reproductive Health (CIFARH)
International Centre for Youth Development on Information Communication Technology
International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Nigeria
International Lifecare Foundation
International Noble Initiative Club
International Peace Foundation (IPF)
International Youth Peace Tourism & Development Initiative
International Youth Peace Tourism and Development Initiative
Interreligous International Federation for World Peace, Nigeria
Jajar Peace & Development Foundation
Jef Nationwide Health & Wellness Organisation
Jeffan Humanity Foundation (JHF)
Jerubaal's Peace Foundation
Jigawa Youth Vanguard
Jim Iyke Foundation
JIMENO Foundation
Jogawa Youth Vanguard
John Diuto Talent Foundation
Joint Active Force Against AIDS and Infectious Diseases (JACFAID)
Joint Medical LifeSavers Foundation
Josémaria Escrivia Foundation
Journalist Against Corruption (JAC)
Journalists Action Against Human Trafficking (JAAHT)
Jude Ifesemen Foundation
Junior Achievement Nigeria
Just Do It (NGO)
Kabyeyan Women Development Association
Kanem Borno Human Development Association
Kato International
Kazi Ndam Educational Foundation
KAZIT Children Development Foundation
Kazit Children Development Foundation
Kehinde Olaitan MDGs Advovacy Team
Kejibaus Youth Development Initiative
Ken Nnamani Centre for Leadership and Development
Khaliben Konsult
Kids Education Awareness Initiative (KEAIN)
Kindhearts Initiative for Health Development
Kingdom Ambassadors Global Outreach (Kamglo)
Kingdom Seekers World Out-reach Ministries
Kingdom Trust
Knightingale Women Health Initiative
Knightingale Women Health Initiative(KWHI)
Knowledge and Policy Management Initiative (KAPOMI)
Koyenum Immalah Foundation
Kunezy Youth Forum
Kwali Women and Youth Care Foundation (KWAYCAF)
Las Engineering Company
Laureate Foundation
Lead Inspiration Network Nigeria (LIN)
Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment(LITE)Africa
Leadership Leverage
Leading Light Foundation
League of Democratic Women
Lebas Land and Landed Properties Owner Associate
Lebas Land and Landed Properties Owner Associates
Lebas Starline Ent Ltd
Leed Youth Africa
Legwork Women Empowerment Ministry
Liberation alliance for Change
Life Empowerment Foundation
Life International Foundation
Life international Foundation
Life Intervention Project (LIP)
Life Source Initiative (LISI)
Life Source Initiative (LSI)
Life Spring Empowerment Network Initiative
Lifeline Health Care Foundation
Life-Skills Initiative For Youth Empowerment and Development
Life-Skills Initiative For Youth Empowerment and Development
Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development
Life-Skills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development (LIFYEAD)
Lift Up Care Foundation (LUCAF)
Lifters Child& Health Development Initiative
Little Heart International
Little Hearts Of Praise Initiative
Living Hope Organization
Living Word Outreach
Living-Hope Initiative for Abandoned Children (LIFAC)
Living-Hope Initiative for Abandoned Children (LIFAC)
LM Iseko Cancer Foundation
Local & General Agricultural Development Foundation (LOGADEF)
Logon GlobalFoundation
Lookwell Truth Organisation
Love Children International
Love Delta Project
Make Poverty History Initiative
Make Poverty History, Nigeria
Mankind Solidarity Front
Manna Development Center a.k.a Manna resources dev. center
Manna Resources Development Center
Marian-Hope Empowerment Initiative
Mary Joan Foundation
Mary-Elika Foundation
Masterpiece Resource Development Centre
May Foundation International
Medai Network on HIV/AIDS and Development (MedNAD) Nigeria
Mediation Center International
Medical Aid Council (MAC)
Merciful Assistance Foundation
Messengers Of Peace foundation
Michael Oluwalade Foundation
Millenium Hope Programme
Millennium Hope Organisation
Mind Rescue
Mind Set Community Development Initiative
Missionary Organisation For Child Education and Training (MOCET)
Moms Club International Nigeria
Moms Club International Nigeria
Mosope Foundations
Mother Agnes Global Foundation
Mother and Child Africa
Mother Care Forum
Mothers & Mums2be Foundation
Movement for Salvation of Democracy (MOSAD)
Movement Towards Youth Development
Moving Trian Youth Forum (MOTYF)
Mummy Lato Children"s Foundation
Muslim League for Accountability
Muslim Youths Association for Grassroots Orientation (Muyafgo)
My Mummy Orphanage Home
My sister's place (MSP)
Natesther Memorial Foundation, Inc.
National Advocacy for Youth Empowerment & Development
National Association of Committed Friends (NACOF)
National Association of Committed Friends, Inc. (RC 9707)
National Association of Concerned Educators
National Association of Nigeria Women in Business
National Vanguard Civil Society Organization
National Youth Council of Nigeria
National Youth Educational Guide
National Youth Network on HIV/AIDS (NYNETHA)
Natural Resources Dev. Motivators (NARDEM)
Natural Resources Dev. Motivators (NARDEM)
NECA's Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW)
Nengak Foundation
Network of Concerned Professionals
Network of Individuals Concerned for Education
Network of Nigerian Youths Organisation Against Drugs & Crime(NNOYDC)
New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI)
NGO Guide 2000
NGO Network
Niger Delta Human Rights Network
Niger Delta Neighborhood Link
Niger Delta Peace Initiative
Niger Delta Research Centre
Niger Delta Writers Network(NDWN)
Nigeria Environment Partnership
Nigeria Environmental Network
Nigeria Internet Wizard Association
Nigeria Union of Pensinoers (NUP)
Nigeria Youth Organization
Nigerian Aid Group of Jama'atu Nasril Islam
Nigerian Air Force Officers' Wives Association
Nigerian Association of Non governmental Organisations(NANGO)
Nigerian Center for Peace Education (NICPED)
Nigerian Centre For Peace Education
Nigerian Child Welfare Fund
Nigerian Red Cross Society
Nigerian Red Cross Society Benue Branch
Nigerian Youth Environmental Network
Nigerian Youth Environmental Network
Nigerian Youth Environmental Network (NYEN)
Nigerian Youths In Focus Initiative (NYIFI)
Noble Missions for Change Initiative (NMI)
Noble Missions International
Noble Women In Development Movement
North South Development
Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative
Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative
Obong Denis Udo-Inyang Foundation
Oceanic Bank
odo chukwudi ikedinma foundation
Ogoni Solidarity Forum, Nigeria
Ohonyeta Care Givers (OCAG)
Olive-Child Foundation
Olukunle Oluwole Foundation
Olumide Emmanuel Foundation
Olumide Emmanuel Foundation (OEF)
One love community development and promotion of peace initiative
One love community development and promotion peace initiative
One Village Foundation, Nigeria
One World
Onoroh Foundation
Onyinye Chukwu Hospital Ltd.
Organisation for Research of World Peace (ORWP)
Organisation for Women's Right
Organization for Underpriviledged Youth
Organization for Youth Empowerment & Societal Restructuring Initiative
Osabiokunla Foundation
Osooro Resources Organization
Outreach Foundation
Oyo Empire Foundation
Pa William Mensem Education and Scholarships Foundation
Pan African Leadership League (PALL)
Pan-African Reconciliation Centre
PanAfrican Society for Rural Development Sustenance and Social Protection (PASRUDESS)
Park Recreation Playground Development Initiative
Park Recreation Playground Development Initiative
Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realisation (POWER)
Pastor Eskor Mfon Foundation
Patriotic Parliament International (PPI)
Peace & Hope for Every Home Mission
Peace Advancement and Sustainable Development Initiatives (PASDI)
Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development Outreach (PASDO)
Peace Corps of Nigeria
Peace Initiative International for Africa (PIIA)
Peace Initiative Network (PIN)
Peace, Knowledge, Growth and Love Foundation (PEKGLOF)
Peasants' Dragnet
Pedro Momodu Rural Empowerment Initiative
People Economic Reform of Nigeria
People to People International - Nigeria
Perfect House of Friends
Perfect Team
Persons with disability initiative Nigeria(PWDN)
Pius Asemota foundation
PMA Foundation
Police Officers' Wives Association
Polio Eradication Initiative
Popular Age Youth Foundation
Population Welfare and Empowerment Foundation (POWEF)
Population Wellbeing and Empowerment Foundation (POWEF)
Population Wellbeing Foundation (POWEF)
Positive Change for Future Initiative
Positive Children & Women of Dignity
Positive Impact Worldwide
Possibles Resource
Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative (PAFPI)
Poverty in Africa Alternative (POVINAA)
Pragmatic International
Praise Ify Isichei Foundation (P.I.I.F.)
Praise Peace And Fait hOrganization
Prema Foundation
Pro Natura International (Nigeria)
Professionals for Humanity (PROFOH)
Professionals for Humanity (Profoh)
Profound Peace Building Initiatives
Progressive Youth Movement
Protection of Girl Child Rights and Children Welfare Initiative
Psycho-Educational and Family Consult, Ltd.
Public Enlightenment Projects (PEP)
Quality Development and Management Resource Centre (QDMRC)
Quality Development And Management Resource Centre (QDMRC)-Nigeria
Quality Life Foundation
Quality of Life Support Group
Quantitative Economic Research Bureau
Quest for Better Tomorrow Foundation
Quest for Better Tomorrow Foundation
Race For life Developmemt Foundation
Ramota Gbadamosi Trading Company
Ray of Hope Empowerment Foundation (ROHEF)
Real Life International
Record Breakers Grassroots Poverty Reduction Initiatives
Reference Point International
Reformers World Foundation
Regional Anti Aids Campaign Organization
Restore Hope for Nigerian Youths Foundation
Restore NGO
Right Future Foundation
Rights Advocacy Organisation
River Bank Microfinance
Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA)
Roads Preservation Foundation
Romakey Children Development Centre
Rossy Albert Foundation
Royal Emeg Foundation
Rural Aid Women Youths Community Initiative Association
Rural Aid Women, Youths, Comm, Initiative Association
Rural Empowerment Initiative in West Africa
Rural Hope Initiative
Rural Link
Rural Linkage Network
Rural Organization for Development Action (RODA)
Rural Package Community Development Initiative
Rural Urban Helpers Foundation
Rural Urban Systems and Care Foundation
Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation
Rural Women Foundation
Ruth Adeosun Care Foundation
Ruth Adeosun Care Foundation
Ruth Adeosun Care Foundation
Sabil Charitable International Organization
Safe-Talk International
Safetower International Organization
Safety Support Development Center (SASUDEC)
Sagre Foundation (SAGREF)
Samaritan Brethren
Santos-Creations Foundation
Savannah Resource Foundation
Save a Youth Soul
Save Our Children and Kids (SOCKS) Foundation
Save our Treasures Heritage Foundation
Save Visions Africa
Scholarship World International
Second Chance People's Foundation
Securing Our Future Today Health (SOFT-H) Foundation
Selflessly help Her get Empowered Initiative
Senator Abraham Adesanya Foundation
Senator Abraham Adesanya Foundation
Senior Citizens Welfare Advocacy (SCIWAD)
Serendipity Help Foundation (SHF)
Service to Humanity Foundation
Serwa Rural Health Initiative
Shelter Of Grace Foundation
Shepherd Humanitarian for the Blind and Disabled Community
Small Ruminants Breeding and Fattening Initiative
Social Justice & Grassroots Development
Social Justice International
Social Science Institute
Society Advancement Services LTD/GTE
Society for Development & Community Empowerment
Society for Empowerment and Self Reliance
Society for Empowerment and Self Reliance (SESER)
Society for Human Advancement & Creativity Organization (SHACO)
Society for Life and Human Development Initiative
Society for Life and Human Development Initiative
Society for Life and Human Development Inititiative
Society for Road Safety Awareness
Society For Technology Education in Nigeria
Society Support for Child Education Foundation
Solo Foundation
Soul Partners Foundation
Soul Planet Global Control
Sourceways Multipurpose Cooperative Society
Sourceways Mutipurpose Cooperative Society
South Saharan Social Development Organisation (SSDO)
South-South Youth Peace Council
Sparkers humanitarian Society (SHUS)
Special Effects
SpringAid International
St Franklin Youth Heritage Foundation
St. Ann's Hospice, Abuja
Start Right Education Foundation - Multipurpose Cooperative
Stop The Abuse of Right
StopAids Organization
Strategic Empowerment and Mediation Agency (SEMA)
Street Fighters Foundation
Students Economic Development Initiatives
Success Group Nig
Succour World Initiative (SWI)
Sukul Community Development Association (SCODA)
Sunday Bala Oma Foundation (SBOF)
Support for African Indigents and Youth Development (SAIYD)
Support Home of God (SuhoG) Project
Surburb Links Network
Suwa Dimka Foundation
Sweet Mother International Foundation
Synthesis of Achievers Movement
Talent Century Chaser Sports Intl
Talented Youths International
Talented Youths International, Nigeria
Taraba Youth Progressive Association of Nigeria
Taroh Foundation
Teachers Without Borders, Nigeria
TELDIA - Towards Educational and Leadership Develpoment in africa
Terre Vivante Internationale, Inc. (AGRIC- NGO)
The Anti-vices Campaign Network (AC-NET)
The Association of Health-Conscious People
The CREEKHEARTH Foundation
The Earth Caretaker Society
The G-39 Humanity Development Synergy
The Good Samaritans International
The Helm Centre
The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy (ICM)
The League of Ambitious Youths
The Mentors Organisation
The Palms Coalition
the Passion House
The ReTol Hub
The Smallholders Foundation
The Society Support for Child Education Foundation
The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative
Tikas Foundation
Tokunbo Tejupsho Foundation
Total Care Unit
Total Health Psychological Services Center (THPSC)
Touch a Life Foundation
Touch-A-Life Estates
Touch-A-Life Foundation
TransBorder Missionaries Interface Initiative
Transparency & Anticorruption Capmapign International
Transparency and Integrity Foundation
Transparency and Integrity Foundation
Treasured Spring
Treasureland Health Builders
Tresimsports Int'l
Trinity Foundation Obudu
Triumphant Youth Foundation
Trust Care Foundation
TUCCAN Foundation
TVS Global Ventures
TVS Global Ventures
unesco centre nigeria
Unicorn Academics and Organization Developmental Research Centre
Unique Muslim Sisters Association of Kaduna (UMSA)
United Visionary Youth of Nigeria
Universal Choral Organization
University of Benin
Vanguard for Youth Awareness
Vault Consulting
Vichis Okoye Foundation
Vision of Hope International
Visions For Nigeria Foundation
Visions for Nigeria Foundation
Voice of Care Ministry
Voice of Care Ministry Worldwide Incorporated
Voice Of Impair Citizens For Empowerment (VOICE)
Voice of Women in Nigeria (VOWIN)
Wakirike Development Coalition
Watcher Media Services Ent.
Water Initiatives Nigeria
Waymark Centre for Development
Waymark Centre for Development
Welfarewatch International
Wellness for Humanity Ministry
Wemens Network Caucus
West African Network for Conflict Resolution, Peace-Building and Security (WAN CORPS)
Widows and Child Empowerment Foundation, Kaduna
Widows and Orphans Development Foundation (WODEF)
Widows in Need Initiative
Winners Enlightenment Project (WEP)
Winning Hand Empowerment Initiative (WHEI)
Women & Children Intellectual Enhancement Centre
Women 4 Change and Development Initiative
Women and Children Aid Programme (WACAP)
Women and Children Development Action
Women And Children Intellectual Enhancement Centre
Women and Children Support Inititative (WACSI)
Women Develoment International Association (WODIA)
Women Development Group
Women Empowerment & Creativity Initiative of Nigeria (WECON)
Women Environmental Programme
Women for Independence Self Sufficiency and Economic Advancement (WISSEA)
Women for Independence, Self Sufficiency and Economic Advancement (WISSEA)
Women for Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN)
Women for Peace Initiative (WOPI)
Women in Inter-Tribal Marriage in Nigeria
Women in Management and Business (WIMBIZ)
Women in Mobilization Activities (WIMA)
Women In Technology In Nigeria
Women Protection Organisation ( WOPO )
Women Protection Organisation (WOPO)
Women United for Economic Empowerment
Women with Disability Self-Reliance Centre
Women's Board - Educational Cooperation Society
Womens Network Caucus (WNC)
Women's Organisation for Gender Issues
Women's Right to Education Programme (WREP)
Wordsworth Centre
World Changers Foundation
World Empowerment Foundations Technology,Skills and Manpower Development
World Foundation for Peacekeeping Through Women and Children
World Hope Foundation
World Humanitarian Anchor Service Corp
World Scholarship And Career Helpers Organization (WSCHelp)
World Wide Twins And Multiple Births Foundation
Wudil Forum (Inuwar Jamaar Wudil)
Yakubu Gowon Centre for National Unity and International Cooperation
Yankari Grassroots Initiative
YDP Network Nigeria
You-Care International Organisation
Young and Bold
Young Youth Network for Good Leadership in Nigeria(YYNGLIN)
Your Environment and Health (YEAH)
Youth Afrique Leadership Forum
Youth Against Cybercrimes and Fraud in Nigeria
Youth and Children Right Organisation Network
Youth and Women's Health Empowerment Project (YAWHEP)
Youth Awareness and Action Organization of Nigeria (YAAON)
Youth Counseling Organisation
Youth Development and Enlightenment Initiative
Youth Empowerment and ICT Foundation
Youth Empowerment Scheme
Youth Enhancement Organization
Youth Enlightenment, Empowerment Foundation Of Nigeria
Youth Federation for World Peace Nigeria
Youth Federation for World Peace, Nigeria
Youth Federation for World Peace, Nigeria
Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF)
Youth in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development
Youth Initiative For Entrepreneurial Leadership And Development
Youth Life Organization
Youth Media & Communication Initiative
Youth Network for Peace Africa
Youth Orientation for Development
Youth Service Africa
Youth Sports and Cultural Foundation
Youth Vision Plus
Youth Yearning For A Better Tomorrow
Youths Applied Concepts Foundation
Youth-With-A-Future International
Zamani Foundation






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