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NGOs in Georgia 

Samatat Sangha Mission
Association Georgia Society
Association Georgia Society
SIQA-Georgian association of educational initiatives
Association of Young Economists of Georgia (AYEG)
Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)
Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)
Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia
Center of Development and Democracy (CDD)
Charitable Foundation of Helping Armenian Children of Georgia (Arevik)
Children of Georgia (COG)
Civil Forum
Civitas Georgica
Club of Liberty
Developing Real Learners
Gadia Employment and Recruitment Agency
Georgian Lawyers Without Borders
International Association "Civitas Georgica"
International Center for Environmental Research
International Youth Association for Training and Inter-Employment Programs
International Youth Association for Training and Inter-employment Programs (TIP)
People For People
Protection and Care
Social Pediatrics Protection Fund
The Association for Protection of the Rights of the Refugees from Abkhazia (APRRA)
The Georgian National Section of EUROSCIENCE
The Georgian Union of Military Veterans ("Veterans for Peace)
The Georgian Veterans Federation
The International Association "CAUCASUS: Ethnic Relations, Human Rights, Geopolitics" (IACERHRG)
Union 21 Century
Union Caucasus 2006
United Nations Association of Georgia
Association of Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children - DEA
Save The Future Generation






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