Corporates in North Korea

Air Koryo
Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Foreign Languages Publishing House
Foreign Trade Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Kim Chong-tae Electric Locomotive Works
Korea Computer Centre Sinhung Company
Korea Ferrous Metals Export & Import Corporation
Korea General Chemicals Trading Corporation
Korea General Machinery Trading Corporation
Korea General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group
Korea General Zinc Industry Group, non-ferrous metals
Korea Mining and Development Trading Corporation
Korea Ponghwa General Corporation
Korea Sinhung Trading Corporation
Korea Sogyong Trading Corporation
Korea Unha General Trading Corporation
Mansudae Art Studio
Mansudae Overseas Project Group of Companies
Noko Jeans
Ocean Shipping Agency
Pyeonghwa Motors
Pyongyang Chewing Gum Factory
SEK Studio
Sungri Motor Plant
Taedonggang Brewing Company
Taep'oong International Investment Group of Korea
Zokwang Trading





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