NGO Brands : Starting with W Country Brand
Wadi Environmental Science Centre, Egypt  
Walda, Indonesia  
Wapikoni Mobile, Canada  
Waqfeyet Al - Maadi Al - Ahleya, Egypt  
Warsi, Indonesia  
Was Hab’ Ich?, Germany  
Wash United, Germany  
Waste Concern, Bangladesh  
Water Lily Women's Cooperative, Turkey  
Water Literacy Foundation, India  
Water Of Prešov For People, Slovakia  
We Charity, Canada  
We Share What We Have Association / Stowarzyszenie Dzielimy Sie Tym, Co Mamy, Poland  
Websourd, France  
Welcoming America, United States Of America  
Well Born Association / Stowarzyszenie Dobrze Urodzeni, Poland  
Wellbeing Enterprises, United Kingdom  
Wendwaoga (God Is Great), Burkina Faso  
West Coast Environmental Law, Canada  
West Java Corruption Watch, Indonesia  
Westtown School, United States Of America  
Wetland Resource Development Society, Bangladesh  
White Circle Of Safety / Bílý Kruh Bezpecí, Czech Republic  
Whole Child International, El Salvador  
Wholesome Wave, United States Of America  
Wikipedia Foundation Inc., United States Of America  
Wildlife Protection Society Of India, India  
Will Share Association, Thailand  
Wilpotha Womens Organisation, Sri Lanka  
Windfall Ecology Centre, Canada  
Wizzit, South Africa  
Women And Child - Development Service Center, India  
Women And Children Of Hope, Nigeria  
Women And Constitution Network, Thailand  
Women Environmental Programme, Nigeria  
Women Farmers Advancement Network, Nigeria  
Women Rights Association (Wra), Pakistan  
Women Without Borders, Austria  
Women's Action Network (Wan), Mannar Women's Development Federation (Mwdf), Sri Lanka  
Womens Awareness Centre Nepal, Nepal  
Women's Health Advocacy Foundation, Thailand  
Women's Health And Economic Development Assoc. Of Nigeria, Nigeria  
Women's Link Worldwide, Spain  
Women's Rehabilitation Center, Nepal  
Wonderlab, United States Of America  
Woods Learning Center, United States Of America  
Work For A Better Bangladesh Trust, Bangladesh  
Working Group On Justice For Peace, Thailand  
Workman Arts, Canada  
World Access For The Blind, United States Of America  
World Bank, Ecuador  
World Comics India, India  
World Embracing Youth, South Korea  
World Health Partners, India  
World Savvy, United States Of America  
World Toilet Organisation, Singapore