Corporates in India : Names with links to CSR or Sustaiability

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of corporate affairs

Stock exchanges
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Mumbai : 1875
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) : Mumbai : 1992

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) Kolkata : 1908
Madras Stock Exchange Chennai : 1937

Inter-connected Stock Exchange : Mumbai : 1998

United Stock Exchange of India Mumbai : 2010

OTC Exchange Of India Mumbai : 1990

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) : Mumbai : 2003

Bangalore Stock Exchange (BgSE) : Bangalore : 1963

Plan : Share names with links to about 10000 corporates by 28.08.2022.

Opportunity to Brands
We give opportunity to Brands which want to enhance image by taking the banner on any of the 26 alphabets on CSR in India for nominal fee, which takes care of global promotion because Bhau told us that founder's death is postponed to serve Mother Earth and we exist to share links in all countries of corporates doing CSR.

In case of corporates in India, since we plan sponsor on each alphabet, we plan to share 100 corporates per page. If alphabet like T has 500 corporates, the banner will be on 5 pages for same cost. T is just an example. It can be S or A or ....

For corporates in other countries, we may decide to have 100 corporates on one page and countries like China, Japan, USA where we cover over 100 corporates, we may have additional pages. (Except India, we are not sharing corporates in any country in 26 pages for 26 alphabets. The reason why we do that for India is to give opportunity to 26 Brands to get visibility)

Why we are giving links is because
CSR or Sustainability links helps you see the issues company supports
Our editorial has the right to decide the organisation which puts its banner because we dont want websites which are not acceptable to us like antigovernment or naxalism or terrorism or activism or even good political parties or good agencies which generate funds for NGOs or CSR websites or porno websites or websites which promote criminology.