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To save your time, we share CSR links Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 corporates and links to their invidiual pages where you can see links to their annual reports which gives you how they invest in donations countrywise and issuewise to NGOs.
We plan to share links to 50000 corporates by 31.12.2023 (may go to 100000 corporates also). And we have provisions to share links to their website, country, industry, CSR, Sustainability, Climate efforts, Employee volunteering, News, Annual report, foundation
Q Mobile, Pakistan
Qantas, Australia
Qatar Airways, Qatar
Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar
Qatar Islamic Bank, United Kingdom
Qatar National Bank, Qatar
QBE Insurance Group, Australia
Qianjiang, China
Qiming Venture Capital Co, China
Qiming Venture Capital Co, China
Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank, China
Qingling, China
Qingqi, China
Qorvo, United States
Quadria Capital, India
Quadria Capital, India
Qualcomm Ventures, USA
Qualcomm Ventures, USA
Qualcomm, United States
Quanta Computer, Taiwan
Quanta Computer, Taiwan
Quanta Services, United States
Quantum Energy Partners, USA
Quantum Energy Partners, USA
Quark Pharmaceuticals, USA
Quest Diagnostics, United States
Quilter, United Kingdom
Quinenco, Chile
Quona Capital, India
Quona Capital, India
Qurate Retail Group, United States
Qutar Bank India, India