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To save your time, we share CSR links Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 corporates and links to their invidiual pages where you can see links to their annual reports which gives you how they invest in donations countrywise and issuewise to NGOs.
We plan to share links to 50000 corporates by 31.12.2023 (may go to 100000 corporates also).

We are sharing links to the corporates starting with A from any country. And next to the name is country of the corporate.
If you think you can go to the best search engine to find out the link to the corporates, we will agree with you.
But there is no search engine in the world which shares links to even 500 corporates whose name starts with A and these corporate may be from any country, in just 1 page.

It is required to put the corporates alphabetically because if one wants to search for Apple, they can go to USA but they may not know the country of 77 Bank.

The top banner can be sponsored by any organisation.
And we plan to have minimum 1000 names of corporates starting with A.
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