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YOU, Google, Wikipedia & CSRidentity.com

Compare Google, Wikipedia ... with CSRidentity.com
This seems to be a foolish question when one compares the size and content of Google, Wikipedia and other large search engines.
We are tooooooooooooooooooooo small in terms of brand image, number of visitors and the answer is known to everybody.

But this is what every one thinks

Now just a small example to share how we are compared to Google, Wikipedia & several BIG search engines
We searched Japan on Google at 06.25 Hrs on 14.05.2018 and got 75,00,00,000 results.
We typed Japan on Wikipedia and went to one great link about Japan. But on that link, one does not get names & links to corporates, NGOs, FAs, Media, Celebrities.. in Japan.

In CSRidentity.com go to just one link Japan (click here) and on the index page we share links to so many pages related to just Japan like social issues, health issues, corporates, NGOs, FAs, Media, philanthropists, rivers, scientists, celebs, govt, law..interesting things to know of Japan .... and these are all in Japan country folder (not 1 page but about 200 to 250 pages).

So yes, we are very small compared to Google, Wikipedia & some other great search engines but we are different..

Rohan has Gifted us greater value of integration because he has sensory integration challenge and is giving us practicals every second on how important & crucial Integration is.

So we have started sharing what governments, for profit and not for profit organisations, celebrities and individual in all countries of the world are doing on social & health issues as well as philanthropic issues, climate change and we plan to start sharing why converting 1 Below the Poverty Line person to above the Poverty Line is invaluable satisfaction.

Thane district
& India are global examples.

Can I share my project in any country ?
Will donors see it ?
Is there a cost ?

Any government, NGO, corporate, funding agency from any country can share their organisation's name with link to the website which share the programme and in the subject say senior citizens in Japan or children in China or tribals in Mozambiq or water in Afghanistan or indegeneous communities in Ghana or youth in USA ...
In case of our global example country India, do share the district and state in the subject line because we share the programmes districtwise and districts are shared State / UT wise.
Dont share any images, presentations, pdfs, word files or any programme to us.
Just 7 lines email to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com which share Project name, link to website, one organisation which funds your organisation and suject is country, issue

Will donors see it ?
We are sharing (promoting) CSRidentity.com to corporates and Funding agencies ina about 100 counries starting from 28.3.2019. So while we cant commit whether they see it, we expect some to see it in the first year and from 28.3.2020 we expect a minimum of 100 000 project links, we think every major funder will see it.

What is Dream Stock Exchange ?
First of all it is not a Real stock exchange.
Our founder handled Public Issues in 1994 to 1999 and still the Stock Exchanges have only corporates whereas NGOs or NPOs need more money and manytimes because they have no money, they or their vision ceases when the founder expires. Companies survive even after the great founder's exit (See Apple exist after Steve Job left this world in physical form). We dream of a day, when NGOs are on Stock exchange because many of them do good work and need funds to expand or modify or at least keep the programme sustainability. And many are great examples which others should follow. So we start a dream stock exchange from 28.3.2019

Is there a cost or every thing is free?
When can you get what you want

2000 companies, 5000 NGOs, 500 Funding agencies ...
In the corporate, NGO, funding agency folders, we plan to share what financially big corporates, funding agencies or credible NGOs which are getting good funding in the folder which is global folder but we plan to share the same within the folder but countrywiswe because geography, culture, politics change in countries, so the actual situations must adopt the country or location scenario.
So what happens to millions of NGOs or more than a million corporates or few thousand funding agencies ? We share their names with website links countrywise and those who want visibility can choose options of visibility by paying nominal fees (Yes, money is like oxygen for survival and our survival is for promoting you, so we need money and we know Integration has the power, so this money is like drop of water in big ocean because each drop is making the ocean big. Without drops rivers, oceans wont exist.

What about celebrities ?
Humans think only 50 odd types of celebrities.
But we think doctors, hospitals, police, religious locations, historical locations, tourism spots ... are celebrities because they save the life or give satisfaction or give pleasure which is big motivation factor for existance

Search programmes of NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities ...
You can search it by country as well as issues & subissues not by type of stakeholder because we are keen to share programmes on issues in all the countries.
If you want to know what any corporate is doing in terms of its programmes on philanthropic issues if you want to know what all the corporates in a given industry are doing, or programmes of any NGO or funding agency .... or 50 corporates working on say climate change in the world

 Mind game
Japan is 377,972 km2 and is 61st country by area. But in terms of brand Japan is far far higher. That's brand Japan.
Orange is 61st ranked river by length. How many of us know Orange river?
Asia has 59.69% population of the world & has 49 UN member countries.
Can you write or just tell us without looking at mobile, computer, books just names of these 49 countries in 4.9 minutes

Twelve people have walked on the Moon. Most of us know Neil Armstrong who was the first person to walk on moon. How many of us know 12th person Harrison Schmitt ?.

Chile, Niger, Spain are ranked 60 - 61 in terms of Oil reserve, but how many of us know the Oil Brands from these countries
This is a simple example of how all individuals value brands

There are a more than 10 million companies in the world. Can you share names of just 1000 in as long as 1440 minutes (24 hours) ?

And if anyone does a research of names shared by just 1000 people, then more than 100 names of companies remembered will be same.
And same is the case with rivers, religious locations, world known celebrities...

Which simply means BRANDING is a mind game.
Edison may be known to just a million citizens (typically people above 40 because younger generation will see the name either in text books or in their computers / lap tops or tabs or mobiles through internet), but most of the 7.5 billion plus citizens use light and they dont know Thomas Edison was the person who invented or discovered electric light (Edison patented the first commercially successful bulb in 1879)
(Light invented by Edison or ... can be a big question mark .... but just consider the cost & method of light that we use today.
In 1800, Italian inventor Alessandro Volta developed the first practical method of generating electricity, the voltaic pile.
Humphry Davy, an English chemist and inventor, produced the world's first electric lamp by connecting voltaic piles to charcoal electrodes in 1802 - invention was known as an electric arc lamp
In 1840, British scientist Warren de la Rue developed an efficiently designed light bulb using a coiled platinum filament in place of copper
In 1848, Englishman William Staite improved the longevity of conventional arc lamps by developing a clockwork mechanism that regulated the movement of the lamps' quick-to-erode carbon rods.
In 1850, English chemist Joseph Swan tackled the cost-effectiveness problem of previous inventors and by 1860 he had developed a light bulb that used carbonized paper filaments in place of ones made of platinum. Swan received a patent in the United Kingdom in 1878, and in February 1879 he demonstrated a working lamp in a lecture in Newcastle, England, according to the Smithsonian Institution. Like earlier renditions of the light bulb, Swan's filaments were placed in a vacuum tube to minimize their exposure to oxygen, extending their lifespan. Unfortunately for Swan, the vacuum pumps of his day were not efficient as they are now, and while his prototype worked well for a demonstration, it was impractical in actual use. ) .

Sun is seen by all the 7.5 billion plus people (may be they call Sun by different name or some people may not call Sun by name, but when they see the Sun, they remember).
Son is pronounced same as Sun, does anyone remember that names of 7.5 billion citizens (male, female or transgender)?
"No one" is the clear answer.

If we tell this to parents that your son will not be even known to 7.5 billion plus people on earth, so dont have them, then they will say : Are you mad ? Have you lost sense ?
We want to have son & he can take care of us when we grow old.
Dont we take of our sons because they are OUR sons ? We play with them, educate them, take care of mistakes that they do or their naughty behaviour when they are children or when they are growing younger. This is what is happening for thousands of years, even if they are living close to us or stay somewhere else ....
(We are not mentioning daughter because we are comparing the word son with sun and we firmly believe that a son or daughter will be born only if females exist in this world.
And of course daughters have a much larger and deeper role in families than Sons.

Afterall Vidya or Saraswati (which stand for education) are female names and one doesnt have to go to school to know this.
Laxmi (which stands for money) is a girl's name, dont we need money to survive.
Maya (which stands for affection as well as money) is a female name. Dont we have affection of our parents (many loose that affection when one gets affected by wrong things and with age, many neglect their parents because of many things ..... we cant change person's behaviour but we plan to only share how physically older generation gets ill treated by their own children or relatives .... in senior citizens forum)

Our founder manytime thinks (personal experience is his great teacher) following :
1) one should live only till 75 and leave this world after that or
2) live only till one can live on her / his own and leave this world after that (and not live as a burden to children or society)
3) leave this world when one gets into coma which medically cant be treated.
Of course, if one gets disabled by birth or by war or accident or any fall, then the world must (again must) take care of such individuals.

While thinking is changing and the world is becoming a global village, the thinking of parents taking care of children has not changed.
Then why children who become parents or grand parents forget their own parents ?
These are born as humans, legally live as humans but Ethically, they are expired because they dont give any (repeat any which even means less) value to their parents who introduced them in this world.

Do you know any such person who doesnt care to see a person physically not alive but who is about to leave earth .... and the person living this earth is father, father in law, grand parent or close relative ..
If you know any such born humans, then it is not at all a new thing .... because ...

Only repenting or teaching values or any teaching or donating billions of dollars to villagers or poor or differently abled or nation or climate .... will not change they way to purposely behaved of not seeing the person who is about to leave this earth. One may have purposely done it or had to do it forcefully ... the fact remains a fact and it can never be changed by donating your own body..

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.