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From now to 31.3.2020, we plan to share names of some 500 000 celebrities from 150 plus countries. These include celebrities most of the people think plus CSRidentity.com types of celebrities like doctors, hopitals, police, eye donors, skill based volunteers ...

Why CSRidentity.com calls them as celebrities
We treat millions as celebrities but cant name some because we dont know names

We see that if a doctor saves a patient, patients thank god.
But if the patient dies immediately after she / he was admitted - maybe because of admitting the patient was late or because the patient will die even if the doctors are good because of condition of the patient like accident or last stage of cancer -
whatever reasons, then relatives & closed ones dont look at anything else but start blaming doctors or hospitals.

We cant change nature of people, but we can certainly start calling doctors and hospitals as celebrities. Some of the doctors are shared as health celebrities (only some)

And CSRidentity.com founder even goes a step ahead and thanks sisters, brothers, wardboys, attendants & thinks they are celebrities may be the scale is very small say millileters rather than kilometers or pennies not millions of pounds .... but that is his personal opinion & he knows that in this way there are 7.5 billion celebrities because each one has some type of speciality...first we dont know names of all the 7.5 billion citizens in this world, not even names of Wardboys, sisters, attendants, people putting patients on stretcher and taking her / him to ambulance or Operation theatre or in lift ... liftman / lift woman, receptionists, security guards, people who keep the patient or relatives clothes / belongings ....

CSRidentity.com is perhaps the first one to call development celebrities, environment celebrities ..

What about CSR, corp com, PR, NGO people, Journalists
but we want to take a big step and start calling celebrities to people who have influencing power in their own field and they devote lot of their time for the social sector. These are people from CSR , corporate communications in companies, PR people in agencies or companies and even non profits, social workers, NGO founders/ trustees/CEOs.

What about volunteers, financial & non financial donors
Even we want to take thousands of steps ahead & treat volunteers & retail donors as celebrities. We will start this process from second week of January 2018.

Of course, we will fail if we dont call Scientists and rivers as celebrities because we all get light / internet ... but dont bother to know who discovered them or we pray the rivers which gives us water but we dont bother to clean the river (Yes, some of us know but dont bother when it comes to garlands, solid / liquid waste. Please understand it damages the river & indirectly to all of us because rivers provide water to us as well as agricultural crops)

CSRidentity.com is of the people, by the people and for the people. Its like democracy. Yes, we balance professional & emotinal attitude. So sometimes, we leave emotions & act as profesionals for content. But we cover humans, so sometimes we have to give upper hand to emotions over professionalism.

We start calling religious locations and historical locations as celebrities because people somehow grade churches, mosques, temples... and dream of visiting them at least once - whatever distance, cost, time... it may take to just visit that holy place and even if there is a queue of say 12 hours for a one second visit, its ok for them because they see their GOD..

Yes religious locations, historical locations and rivers are larger than human celebrities, they are almost like institutional celebrities.

Celebrities typically have influence in their field or nation. But if their office or followers want to profile them as global celebrity, we will do it as a fee and it certainly helps this small income which is used for our global research & our own sustainability.

In India which is our global example country, we share some types of celebrities districtwise (e.g. doctors, hospitals, politicians) and some statewise / UT wise (e.g. religious locations, historical locations)

Celebrity is almost like god. For many citizens, a celebrity is equally or more important than self & family. Celebrities are human beings and they suffer diseases like a common man or woman .... but whenever the celebrity is sick, their followers start praying for health recovery of that celebrity as if she / he is more than their own family member.

If you want to share any name, email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com the following
1) name of the person
2) the category of celebrity where we should put the name
3) one para profile with link to website source which suggests the name.

Please note
1) The person shared may be alive or may not be alive like Newton or Edison are not medically alive but dont some of us remember them & their discoveries.
2) These persons can be used for advertising with their legal permission and not our permission.
3) We admire the popularity of the persons mentioned. We know that we dont have to take legal permission to just share names like moon, earth, sun, any planets, any Prime Ministers or Presidents or Premiers. We can just share them. Similarly, we share names of celebrities and if there is opposition to any name, we cant delete the name. Of course, we want an email as to why people suggest some names and we dont want emails with word files, zipped version or pdf files. We just want links to websites from the name is taken. Yes, some portals are non english content, but we can convert that in english through simple technology.