Corporates by name : Why just brand name ?

If you say what's in a name, then why you share your name.
Its simple. You are called by your name.

When founder read news about Kering Board, he wanted to know details of Kering. He knew Kering is based in France but it is not possible for him or you to immediately remember where 50 000 companies are based and their official website (We plan to share by 31.3.2023)

And he thinks corporates invest time, money and talent on their identity and branding.

100 000 names on one page is tooooo much.

Google is a search engine. The best and advanced search enging.
We searched in Google Unilever USA at 7.07 AM India time and got about 2,18,00,000 results (0.57 seconds)
The first was Unilever USA. Good.
Then we searched Unilever in Google at 7.09 AM India time and got about 13,90,00,000 results (0.72 seconds)
For Unilever NewZealand, we have to Google Unilever NewZealand
At 7.11 AM India time, we got about 43,20,000 results (0.60 seconds)

So you have to Google Unilever and the country name 150 times, to see Unilever in that country. We are no where near Google in their Brand value as well as people who use them or their annual turnover or technology. But we are different. We are human based not machine based. We know each human have only 1 life and her or his or transgender's time is critical. So we value your time.

By 15.3.2022, you just go to Unilever in alphabet U and within that Un which shares Unilever, yo will go to Unilever link in over 150 times, with Unilever and then the country and each link is different because each country link for Unilever is different.

Again, we know we are far far smaller than Google or Wikipedia.
But we are different.

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Namewise Corporates

Opportunity to Brands
We give opportunity to 26 Brands which can have banner on any of the 26 alphabets.

More importanty, we share minimum 26 pages on every alphabet like CorporatesA will have CorporatesAa, CorporatesAb, CorporatesAc ... upto CorporatesAz.
This is based on parameters.

Namewise corporates

We plan to share 100000 corporate websites from all the countries & many islands.

People read news about Amazon or Tesla and want to see more news, about their team, about various products they make or sell, about their CSR and CSR budget with issues they finance, how they take care of environment & climate, how they plan to be sustainable so that investors can invest in companies which grow for the next 10 years .
And much more.

We cant share all that because then it will be seen as our views which others may object as they may think this is partial because it is not possible for any human to know in detail 100 000 companies, 100 000 products, 50 000 NGO Brands, 2000 Funding agencies, 1000 Philanthropists, 3000 Media, thousands of ad agencies, PR agencies and 50000 corporates by their industry.

So we give links to their official websites.

1) Anybody who wants to see Amazon website, will go to A.
But there may be say 2000 or 3000 or 4000 companies based on A.
So we have divided A into Aa, Ab, Ac ....
So for Amazon, they go to Am which are the first two alphabets in Amazon.

2) It is not possible to see say 1000 companies on one page because many see websites on their mobiles. So we plan to share between 80 to 120 corporates by Aa and if Aa has 300 coporates, it will be in 3 pages.
Which means 4000 corporates in A will be about 40 pages and anyone which takes banner on A will have banners on 40 pages.
We know Corporates starting with Q, X, Z will be far less

3) A company if it has operations (plants or offices) in countries, have to register their company in that country. So Unilever which has presence in over 150 countries will be 150 times and therefore next to the name of the company we share the country. So it is easy for people to see Unilever USA or Unilever New Zealand ... And important thing about Unilever is in India, it is Hindustan Unilever (HUL) where as in other countries it is Unilever followed by name of the country. We have been working with HUL since 2008, so we know them, their sustainability initiatives, how different brands from the same company are named without the name HUL in them (like there is Colgate toothpaste, there is no HUL in Pepsodent which HUL manufactures).

4) We therefore share the company by their name and separately under CorporatesinIndia or CorporatesinChina or CorporatesinUSA or CorporatesinJapan ... because NGOs are keen to know companies in their country (afterall most of the times, CSR Budget is given by companies in their country for NGOs in that country). So 100 000 companies are shared countrywise also. So one will find UnileverUSA twice. Once for corporatesinUSA and second by their name starting alphabet U

Why we share them twice is simple.
Each company's CSR may be different, their NGO partner's will be different in different countries. So countrywise corporate links share you that.

But there are millions who want to know Amazon. And most of them know it is headquartered in USA, so they may go to Amazon in corporatesinUSA. But the idea of sharing the companies came when we read Kering board has Emma. Now we knew Kering if France based but how many know of you know that. So Kering can be seen in CorporatesinK and within that CorporatesinKe