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GRI in India

GRI Focal Point in India
The GRI Focal Point India provides guidance and support to local organizations, driving GRI’s mission to make sustainability reporting standard practice.

Giidance on alignment in G 3.1
RI undertook a joint initiative with IICA-GIZ BR Initiative on creating the Linkage Document between the National Voluntary Guidelines (NVGs) released by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Business Responsibility Report (BRR) and the GRI Guidelines.

Download the Guidance on Alignment of the GRI G3.1 Guidelines, NVGs and BRR.

Further information on the GRI-NVG-SEBI BRR Linkage Document may be obtained from:
Dr. Aditi Haldar (Director- GRI Focal Point India)

Reporting in India
The development of corporate governance standards is maturing. India’s business and investment communities are beginning to recognize the benefits of sustainability reporting and organizational transparency. Over the last decade, Indian businesses were recognizing the challenge of going global and also operating nationally with evolving regulatory requirements around environmental and social performances. There were also many players like the regulators, the business chambers, enthusiastic civil societies who were pushing the agenda of sustainability through diverse mandatory and voluntary requirements and focusing on various issues of pollution, energy, climate change safety, labour practices. Sustainability reporting was initiated ten years back by small percentage of companies steadily growing to a reasonable number in 2011.

Recognizing the contribution of financial institutions including banks towards sustainable development considering the crucial role they play in financing the economic and development activities, the Reserve Bank of India had drawn the attention of banks to their role in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Non Financial Reporting in its circular dated December 2007. Also, the inclusion in the Companies Bill, 2011 to include in the Board’s Report a CSR Policy and to spend 2% of average net profit of last 3 years on CSR activities had been setting a clear forward movement on the agenda. Other recent developments include the Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines for Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSEs) are a part of the each CPSEs yearly target with their commitment to implement them along with their financial and business targets.

This was followed by the launch of the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental & Economic Responsibilities of Business on 8 July 2011 by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The Guidelines provide a robust framework that may be adopted voluntarily by companies to address interests of various stakeholders, including employees, customers and investors. In most recent times the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mandate from November 2011 that the 100 top listed entities must submit Business Responsibility Reports, as a part of their annual reports.

GRI Focal Point in India
India is a newly industrialized country and a key market for boosting the practice of sustainability reporting. By having an office on the ground, GRI can help change the sustainability reporting landscape and improve overall transparency. Since the Focal Point was established, the number of reporters in India has increased. The support of the GRI Focal Point India provides Indian corporations a chance to shape GRI’s continuously developing Sustainability Reporting Framework, as well as standards and the emerging regulatory landscape for sustainability reporting in India.

The Focal Point India was established in January 2010, and is hosted by the German International Corporation, India (GIZ) until December 2013. The Focal Point has advised GIZ on the development of national voluntary disclosure frameworks as part of the IICA-GIZ Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, which facilitated the developmental process of the National Voluntary Guidelines launched by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2011.

Focal Point India operates at the heart of the CSR and sustainability landscape in India. The Focal Point has an important strategic collaboration with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), an independent think tank under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India through the IICA-GIZ CSR initiative.

The Focal Point maintains close working and collaborative engagements through capacity building, policy advocacy, research and consultations with Ministries, regulators, business, industry associations, financial market players, B-Schools and civil-societies from India and South Asia. Given the growing importance of sustainability topics, GRI Focal Point India will soon publish two research studies. One would be on the trends and practices of Sustainability reporting in 8 economically important sectors and the other on Non Financial Reporting Preparedness of Banks in India.

The Indian Focal Point also has a strategic collaboration with the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA). SAFA has member bodies from both the accounting and the cost and works institutions of each of the South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. GRI’s Focal Point India also contributed to the South Asian agenda by collaborating with ACCA, Sri Lanka, CIM Sri Lanka, ICAB, Bangladesh, CSR Centre for Bangladesh.

The Focal Point India consists of a Director and a Coordinator.

Dr. Haldar is an expert in corporate sustainability management, with almost twenty years experience with leading companies and global institutions in the areas of environment and sustainable development.

Dr. Aditi Haldar
Director- GRI Focal Point India
Tel: +91 93 12607544

With a Sociology background, Rubina has four years’ experience in the development sector. Before joining GRI she worked as Programme Coordinator for the United Nations Global Compact Network India (GCNI). She has experience in CSR, media research, data management and training.

Ms. Rubina Sen
GRI Focal Point India Coordinator
(M) : +91 989 957 3283
Tel (D) : +91 11 4949 5353 (extn 1310)
Fax: +91 (0) 11 2671 5967

For emergencies contact 011 49495353 (extn. 1312).

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