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GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

First Global Sustainability Reporting Standards Set to Transform Business


About GRI
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a leading organization in the sustainability field. GRI promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.

Network Structure
GRI works with a global multi-stakeholder network that includes experts who participate in Working Groups and governance bodies, reporters, and report users.

Based in Amsterdam, GRI's Secretariat implements the work plans of the Board of Directors, Stakeholder Council and Technical Advisory Committee.

Led by the Chief Executive, the Secretariat implements the technical work plan set out by GRI's governance bodies, and manages network and institutional communications, outreach, stakeholder relations, and financial administration.

The Secretariat has seven departments:
The Executive Management
is responsible for overseeing the GRI work program and the organizational management system.

Chief Executive office
GRI’s Chief Executive is a member of the Board of Directors.

Guidance, Support & Innovation
Nelmara Arbex is Deputy Chief Executive and responsible for the Guidance, Support and Innovation Team. This team develops the GRI Guidelines, Sector Guidance, National Annexes and research associated with the Reporting Framework. The team also reviews and analyzes reports based on the Guidelines, certifies the GRI content in supporting software and tools, and develops the learning programs that support the use of the Guidelines.

Government Relations, International Organizations, Development & Advocacy (GIDA)
Teresa Fogelberg is Deputy Chief Executive responsible for the Government Relations, International Organizations and Development & Advocacy (GIDA), supported by her team.

Marketing & Communications
The Marketing & Communications department is responsible for implementing GRI’s strategic messaging, communications and events.

Network Relations
Leontien Plugge is the Director Network Relations, responsible for developing and implementing strategies to raise awareness on sustainability reporting, and increasing engagement and financial support in strategic territories by:
• raising awareness, building engagement and ownership with key partner organizations
• developing and managing the Organizational Stakeholder (OS) program
• establishing and supporting GRI Focal Points and related projects
• developing and coordinating regional events and communities

Peter Westra is Director - Operations and responsible for HR, Finance, IT and other functions that keep the Secretariat and network up and running.

Government Advisory Group
While not part of GRI's governance structure, the Governmental Advisory Group provides informal high-level feedback and advice to GRI.

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