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GRI in Australia
The GRI Focal Point Australia provides guidance and support to local organizations, driving GRI’s mission to make sustainability reporting standard practice

The current GRI Certified Training Partners for Australia and New Zealand are listed. If you are interested in attending the Certified Training Courses or Modules, please contact the Training Partners directly by clicking on the link. You will be re-directed to their website where you can find out when and where each are offering the Certified Training Courses and Modules, and how to register.

The GRI Focal Point Australia’s objectives are:

• Drive the mainstreaming of sustainability reporting through engaging with new sectors and industries throughout Australia
• Communicate the latest developments around sustainability reporting with stakeholder groups
• Channel local stakeholders’ feedback to GRI to increase local ownership of sustainability reporting and GRI’s Framework.

The Focal Point is funded by CPA Australia and KPMG who are members of the Focal Point Australia's Thought Leaders Council (TLC). The TLC consists of a group of organisations that undertake to make a financial or in kind contribution locally to the GRI Focal Point Australia as well as contributing to the leadership of a strategic objective of GRI in line with the objectives of their own organisation. St James Ethics Centre is also a member of the TLC along with the Australian Government who have undertaken the role of observer.

The GRI Focal Point would like to thank its principal supporters:
CPA, Australia
KPMG, Australia

The hosting partner is
Saint Ethics Centre

To ensure the support and success of the GRI Focal Point in Australia, a strategic multi- stakeholder advising body around the Focal Point has been set up, in the shape of an Advisory Group. Members of the Advisory Group currently are:

Stella Whittaker, RPS Group, Advisory Group Chair, GRI Stakeholder Council Member
Peter Colley, National Research Director Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU), GRI Stakeholder Council Member
Rebecca Gunn, Ernst & Young, GRI Stakeholder Council Member
Robyn Leeson, NetBalance Foundation, GRI Stakeholder Council Member Technical Advisory Council Member
Julian Poulter, Asset Owner’s Disclosure Project, GRI Stakeholder Council Member
John Purcell, CPA Australia
Scott Rogers, Department of Treasury, Australian Government
Wayne Wescott, Independent Sustainability Consultant and Former CEO ICLEI, Former GRI Stakeholder Council Member

Focal Point : Astralia Staff


Head of GRI Focal Point Australia

Victoria holds a Degree in Arts, and a Master of Education for Sustainability. She draws on 10 years of local and international experience in sustainability, which has focused largely on developing policy, strategies and frameworks around a strategic approach to sustainability. Victoria’s qualifications and experience have provided her with an excellent understanding of contemporary challenges in integrating sustainability into organizational policy and strategies and in facilitating organizational and community behavior change.

Prior to working at GRI, Victoria most recently worked in sustainability policy at CHOICE, and at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, where she managed the Prince of Wales’s Business and the Environment Program and Al Gore’s Climate Project amongst other programs.

Focal Point Australia Coordinator






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