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G 4

G 4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Welcome to the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – enabling all organizations to report the sustainability information that matters


G 4 Translations
The translation of the GRI G4 Guidelines into various different languages ensures that they are accessible to a global audience. This global accessibility and reach is central to the fulfillment of GRI’s mission to mainstream sustainability reporting.
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G4 Development Process
G4 is GRI’s fourth generation of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. New generations of Guidelines are part of GRI’s commitment to the continuous development of its Framework.
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G4 consortium
The members of the G4 Consortium sponsored and supported the development of G4 - the most recent generation of GRI Guidelines.

G4 has been a strategic priority for GRI until May 2013. As for any other GRI Guidelines related content development, the G4 development process was multi-stakeholder, involving experts, organizations and individuals from diverse stakeholder groups – such as business, civil society and labor – and geographical regions. Public opinion was recorded during Public Comment Periods, and expert Working Groups developed draft Guidelines for comment and approval by GRI’s governance bodies.

In order to gather resources for this project, GRI established the G4 Consortium. Members of the Consortium – world-leading companies Alcoa, Enel, GE, Goldman Sachs, Natura and Shell – sponsored the project for the three year development of G4. GRI counted also on the expertise and support of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC to check and improve the technical features of the current Guidelines. These companies were also members of the G4 Consortium.

The Consortium was not part of GRI’s governance structure, nor involved in any step of the decision making process, and it did not have a role in designing the project. The Consortium had a supporting role to the G4 project plans, which were approved by GRI’s Board of Directors and implemented by the Secretariat.




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