1000 Philanthropists from 100 countries (Includes SARs)

In 2015, Dimash Kudaibergen gave a charitable concert, named "From Heart to Heart", in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, to provide essential medical treatment for a 5-year-old girl. He was joined by the Kazakh pop singer Dosymzhan Tanatarov for the event.

Kudaibergen gave benefit performances at the Grand Charity Ball 2015, in the Kazakhstan cities of Shymkent, Kyzylorda and Uralsk. The events were organized by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation, and the funds were donated to children with hearing and speech impairment.

In 2016, he gave a benefit performance at the "100 Grandmas and Grandpas" Charity Evening of the "Zaman Are We" Project in Astana, Kazakhstan. The elderly of the regional retirement homes were invited as honorary guests and the funds of the event were used for social, economic and medical help for elderly residents.

Kudaibergen donated all profits of his 2016 "Unforgettable Day" concert, held in his home town Aktobe, to a regional charity organization. With the funds of the concert, seven families in need were supplied with water, utilities, medical care and clothing. A wheel chair accessibility ramp was also set up for a wheelchair-bound resident.

He gave a benefit performance at the Grand Charity Ball 2016, in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. The teenage students of the local boarding school for visually impaired students were invited as honorary guests of the Ball. Several of these students performed a song on stage with him, and Kudaibergen also danced, in the Waltz part of the event, with the visually impaired invited guests. The Grand Charity Ball was organized by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation, and the funds were donated to children with visual impairments, to this boarding school and to the regional orphanage.

At the Top Chinese Music Awards 2017, within the "Love Recycling" Campaign, he donated the suit from his first performance at Hunan Television's Singer 2017 competition. The suit was auctioned by the Jingdong Platform and all the proceeds were donated to the Care of Children Foundation for children with blood lead poisoning.

Kudaibergen hosted a live broadcast for the Live Connection Challenge, a live stream charity campaign launched by Hongdou Live and Weibo Public Welfare. The campaign income was donated to the Audiology Development Foundation of China whose goal is to provide hearing and language rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment.

A charitable performance was given at the Grand Charity Ball 2017 in Uralsk hosted by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation. It was held under the motto "Love for All" and the profits were donated to seriously ill people in Kazakhstan.

Kudaibergen gave a charity performance at the "Chinese National Wind Charity Concert", in Beijing, that was held under the motto "Pray for the Year". It was hosted by the China Children's Fund and the China Youth Foundation. The funds from the concert were used to enable music classes in rural Chinese primary schools that could not afford them.

He gave another charitable performance at the Villa International "Beauty Touching" charity event that was jointly hosted by the China Children and Teenagers Fund and "Bridge Culture" (supported by the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association).

Kudaibergen became goodwill ambassador of the "Listen Project" by the Audiology Development Foundation of China Trust Fund that provides hearing aid devices and education to hearing-impaired children.

A charitable performance was given at the Opening Gala of the Kazakh Snow Leopard Foundation whose goal is to save the endangered population and to preserve their natural habitat by creating protected areas.

On 19 November 2018, Kudaibergen gave a solo concert in London, UK, during the Great Britain's Days of Kazakhstan Culture. All proceeds went to promote young talent from Kazakhstan and sponsor youth’ participation in prestigious international contests.

Within the frame of the Shanghai Pet Adoption Day 2019, he became a supporter of the "Love is Home" initiative that aims to improve awareness and to increase adoptions of stray animals.

On his 25th birthday he visited a nursing home for the elderly and the physically impaired in his hometown Aktobe. As it is customary for him on his birthday since his school days, he brought gifts and spent time with the residents. He also performed for them a cappella.

A few days before his "Arnau" Concert of 29 June 2019, in Astana, Kazakhstan, there were explosions near the Kazakhstan city of Arys that caused injuries and casualties. Kudaibergen decided to donate funds from his concert to the victims.

When he was in the Russian city of Kazan for his performance at the WorldSkills 2019, he visited the local children's hospice, to see a seriously ill fan girl. She had planned to visit the event to see his performance, but couldn't come because she needed to start her 5th course of chemotherapy. He sang a cappella, signed autographs for and took pictures with the children in the hospice, and spent especially time with his ill fan. He also invited her to his next solo concert and she promised him to recover.


Q How many Philanthropists we plan to share, What is the sponsorship period and cost, how CSRidentity.com knows somebody is really giving?

By 31.3.2022 : About 10 000 in India and other countries

Period : 1.4.2019 to 31.3.2022.
Banner cost : Rs 10 00 000 plus GST. (USD 15000)

We may decide to share the banner at no cost if the sponsor gives any money to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust and the amount is not the consideration, what is important is sharing the concept.

We may decide to have the sponsor from now to 31.3.2021 and same or different sponsor between 1.4.2021 to 31.3.2022

The cost is higher if one takes into consideration of the number of philanthropists because we have to do a lot of research for getting names.

We need Chartered Accountants letter that one is really giving USD 2000 to charitable causes and next to the name of the philanthropists name, we will share Chartered Accountant name so that the responsibility of truth will be the Chartered Accountants and not CSRidentity.com and we will mention separately the names of all Chartered Accountants with their certification number)

India is our global example and we want development of India as an example and Government of India (Central, State, NCT, UT) must be supported by philanthropist nature, so we have dividied India into districts of India.

In India we plan to share the names of philanthropists who donate Rs 120 000/- (It is about USD 2000) per annuam for NGOs or charities.

Q What about countries other than India ?

Philanthropists will be named here free if they donate USD 2000 per annum in all countries except USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, China, Australia.

In USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, China, Australia, the donation amount is USD 5000/- per annum.

As of now
We are sharing names of individuals or families who donate $1 million plus to charities per year or $10 million in life time.

We respect the initiative of Giving Pledge initiated by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet. But world will not be developed if just 200 or even 2000 taking Giving Pledge.

What the world needs is mindset of Giving (Yes, it can be USD 1 per annum also because mindset of an economically poor person is richer than a billionaire corrupt person who is hungry to get more money and the economically poor person knows the value of USD 1).

In Giving Pledge, one takes a pledge because the amount is very big but we dont want anyone to take any pledge, giving money should be a habit, it should be just like respiration.

Someone has a habit of giving USD 1 per annum, somebody gives USD 100 per annum ... what is important is that they must give it regularly till they are physically on earth or they can give through their registered WILL.

For charities / NGOs money is crucial to serve communities and instead of spending too much time on getting money, let them spend 98% of their time in serving communities rather than sending letters, going for meetings ... (reducing these will also be good from climate change perspective)

Q Why just share the name and not any details pf the philanthropist ?
Privacy and security are key issues for big donors. If there name and contact details are shared, then they will get many calls or letters or emails and that will disturb their daily schedule.

Second thing is that we believe that a name is a brand. If one's name starts with Jesus or Allah or Ganapati, then suddenly, it gets more attention.

Third, we plan to put name, father's name and surname or name, husband's name and surname (We dont understand why as of now no one puts mother's name and then surname because mother is the person who gives birth to any human ... mother and father are parents and physically no father gives birth to his child, its mother).

Our founder says Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat not Sanjay Bapat because if you just put Sanjay Bapat on Google ir LinkedIn and you get several names. And he doest know why he doesnt say Sanjay Kumud Bapat or Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat because Kumud physically introduced in the world, but founder knows he cant cahnge law of sharing names whether in India or any country in the world. Let somebody else do it, maybe patent it ... because founder is not interested in taking patents, his objective is help and promote initiatives (good is great) for Social, Health & Climate issues in all countries.

Let somebody patent and take credit.

Target : About 5000 philanthropists from 100 countries including SARs, Islands ... from now to 31.3.2022.

Sponsorship cost : Rs 11 80 000/- or USD = 18250/-
Includes : GST in India, Bank admin fee in case of foreign transaction.

Sponsorship period : From now to 31.3.2022
Sponsorship fee include Global reseach & promotion (Online, telephonic, whatapp, emails), our sustainability, our profit

CSRidentity.com thinks that hardly 300 (may go to 500 by 2020) philanthropists or families have taken Giving Pledge started by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet.

We want to promote the concept of philanthropy to people across the world and will share names of Philanthropists who donate USD 2000 per annum in all countries

And in India we share philanthropist districtwise and will approach chartered accountants to share names because we want WHITE money to be donated (Not black or corrupt money)

We plan to share 365 philanthropists that all must know.

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599


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