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28.08.2013 (28 August 2013 was a black day for us but realised that it actually was a golden day for the world because our vision of integration came after that great day)

Why we changed our vision & programmes from August 28, 2013 ?
On 28th August 2013, Sanjay Bapat, our founder had an almost fatal accident at 5.30 AM when he had gone for a morning walk with his father.
His father Bhau, who was 82 years then (he wants each one to donate blood and had keen interest in helping nomadics / tribals), had the courage to get him home and then to the hospital with his younger son Aum (he was in 11th standard then).
His wife Rohini Bapat had to stay at home because his older son Rohan has sensory integration challenge and cant live alone at home.
Within an hour, when relatives from maternal aunty came home to take care of older son, his wife rushed to the hospital.

(We later realised that Jordan Spieth is the ace Golfer in this world. But sports is not the only thing in his life. Ellie, Jordan’s younger sister with special needs, is his constant source of support and grounding. We have never met Jordan Spieth but please imagine his goodness and goodness of so many individuals who go through such situations in life)

Within 3 months of the almost fatal accident, Sanjay Bapat started working from home and also started going to office by an auto (the office was 3 minutes away by walk and it takes 1.5 minutes to go there by an auto. Sanjay couldnt walk to go to the office because of the traffic). Now he works on all days treating the work as a hobby with responsibility.

He also realised the importance of all stakeholders irrespective of their age, caste, religion, political significance or profession because good people came to support him financially as well as keenly invested time in the hospital. His school mates Sandeep Bhagwat, Abhay Gadiyar helped him. Vidhydhar Patki his relative not just helped him but helped Oxygen therapy centre with ramp so that stretcher goes with less trouble to patient. Founder finished his school in 1977 and school mates helped him in 2013, so even after 36 years friends helped him..

Our founder & his family can never imagine the help he received from his MBA college mates (1985-87) Sunil Joshi & Anil Bhot who used to come to the hospital & at home to teach simple basics like reading on board, keying in simple things on computer .. .and that too when Sanjay used to spend 12 to 14 hours on computer searching global sites before 28082013. Now it really sounds funny to all including Sanjay but the situation was real. Again even after 26 years friends helped. This means friendship life cant be measured by years but attitude of friends .. some friends never leave you despite of their age.

Mastek Foundation, Adfactors PR and world known philanthropist helped him immediately.
Glenmark, HSBC, Vodafone, Birla Group supported the organisation even after the accident.
And what about Lifebuoy and Hindustan Unilever ???
It was nice to have faith in our organisation because in October 2013, about 500 employees from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. including their CEO were in Municipal schools in Mumbai, an employee volunteering programme for sharing how to wash hands, a programme we do with them since 2008. After Covid19 pandemic handwash is getting importance but Lifebuoy started telling how to scientifically wash hands since 2008.

One person (highly difficult for anyone in this world to replicate) who supported the family considerably was Venkat Krishnan (IIM - A post graduate and founder of Give India; he spends most of his time in helping India develop faster)

Our founder realised the key fact that doctors (he is thankful to Dr Harshad Purandare & Jupiter Hospital ) treat a patient like a patient irrespective of the mother tongue, caste, religion, nationality. While legally our founder was born in India, had a religion & caste, he now believes that he is a Global citizen, with truth as the religion and he does not believe in any caste.

August 28, 2013 & Bhau indirectly told founder : Dont be myopic and think of only Thane & India. World is your canvas till you leave this world.
Our founder realised the fact that millions of individuals & institutions are doing good for the community and instead of investing time in working for the benefit of community (the size may be a city or a state or a country, but it still is less), we now need to integrate the goodness of millions of individuals & institutions which work on all social, health, nation building, climate change and sustainability issues for their communities, countries, continents, world and this universe.

Rohan founder's son who has sensory integration challenge now is his teacher.

Our founder also realised that as humans we take care of humans & nature. But it is key to take care of
living beings
(like tigers who are part of wild life. Yes, some humans treat them with goodness but most of humans are scared to go close to tigers) and
non living things
(like the vehicles we use to go to our offices...these buses, trains, automobiles, some times air planes.. all are non living things but how useful they are to people. And most of the urban citizens use mobile phones, a non living thing, infact it is almost compulsory for them to use mobiles).

While communities, countries, continents are key, we also realised the importance of oceans (seeing how our solid waste which is thrown in the oceans damages countries).
See Midway lands which was formed roughly 28 million years ago. Of the 1.5 million Laysan Albatrosses that inhabit Midway, nearly all are found to have plastic in their digestive system. Approximately one-third of the chicks die. The reason for these deaths is attributed to the albatrosses confusing brightly colored plastic with marine animals (such as squid and fish) for food.

Our vision now is universal development. We know this this is a continuous process because problems change all the time.

We were working on development issues in India. We always knew that corporates as a stakeholder are one of the key source of sharing time & money and all the corporates put together have millions of employees who can share their time, skills, core competency in management for the communities and those who work with the communities..

We were doing research on CSR since 2000. That time, for most of the corporates, CSR was seen as philanthropy. We started global corporate CSR (India and other countries across the world) research in 2010 and our research indicated that for many corporates, CSR has gone far beyond philanthropy. First of all, the corporates must be good in terms of its ethics, governance, diversity (sustainability tree roots), then they must ensure that every business process (like materials management, purchase, finance, HR ...) must have an angle of CSR within. Similarly issues like regulations, compliances ... are key.

We then realised that it is not just corporates but governments, NGOs, funding agencies, media, celebrities, consultants, researchers, ad agencies, PR agencies and all institutional stakeholders must follow these practices.

We know that globally CSR is known as Corporate Social Responsibility. Keeping CSR word same, we now think CSR as Conscience, sustainability & reputation.

Now, while Rohini Bapat, the cofounder of CSR Consulting works to make a living because after the almost fatal accident, we realised that money is critical for human existance, Sanjay - who had an almost fatal accident - has decided to work for promotion of all stakeholders across the world doing good. And instead limiting this to countries in this world, we have started promoting the good work being done by great citizens for the oceans and this universe.

Sanjay Bapat was always working as a social entrepreneur and business was just a small part of his life but now he works to generate funds so that these can be invested in technology & promotion of millions of individuals & institutions doing good things.

With your help, we plan to invest in development of Thane.
Thane which is urban as well as rural (it was the largest district of India till 14th August 2014), has large as well as medium & small cities and small, medium & large villages, is our global sample sharing how good & bad people behave and how government & officials do their work for development and how police take care of safety of citizens; how media covers positive & negative things in Thane....

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.