150000 NGOs/ NPOs from 200 countries (Includes SARs, Islands and 70 0000 NGOs in India)

CSRidentity.com worked with NGOs in India since 1999, now our canvas is NGOs in all countries in this world. Same NGO will come twice. 1) If the NGO is supported by STARs or well known Funding agencies, Corporates
2) In all countries, we share issues. And issues means not statistics, scenario and links to NGOs (Link to NGO so that one knows this NGO has programmes on this issue.
So NGOs have far greater responsibility.
In this "thinking second life", we would like to help NGOs across the world on management issues. Annoucement will be shared by 16th March 2020

We have experienced that emotions overtake the social business attitude of NGOs and they really need management expertise to address how corporates deal with management issues through professionalism. So NGOs need professional attitude of their social workers. We start this programme free from Mid April 2020. Its for NGOs across the world seve communities and nature with good ROI (Return on investment people do by donating to you. We call ROI as
R = Returns
(In satisfaction terms)
O = Opportunities
(In issues, location term)
I = Impact
(In impact of money they give on change)
Why Thane Brand
We are Thane based and started our first portal on Thane way back in 1999
We want to make Thane a Global developmental example




CSRidentity.com was always keen on supporting NGOs across the world and is keen that world must treat them as brands.

People remember corporates like Adidas, Nike, Microsoft, Facebook ... but do they know Development Alternatives, Prayas,
150 000 NGOs from about 200 countries & SARs
This includes about 70 000 NGOs from more than 600 districts of India.

We plan to share many important features which are required for NGOs across the world like
- How to raise funds
- How and why to Brand NGOs
- How to ensure NGOs work beyond founder's life
- Succession Planning
- Role of Board
- Various skill development issues

Our contact : email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or message, whatsapp on 9820073599, 9769473599