Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries

Brand Teams
CSR teams
Corp com teams
Advertising team
PR Team

Video conferencing
Consultancy to any country

Topic of consulting
1) How to do CSR
2) How to identity NGO
3) How to do impact
4) How to enhance Brand

Time : 24 Hours

One slot : 30 minutes

Advance slot booking
7 days in advance
Because we want to ensure that we have not given of time to some other organisation and we dont do consulting more than 2 hours a day because we want to meet people and see the challenges they face and want to invest our time to help Thane NGOs to ensure Brand Thane is a global example of development.

Contact only through whatsapp, messages , email
Whatsapp : 9820073599
99769 73500

email :
Datacentre at CSRidentity.com




10000 Corporates
from 195 countries

Global indices
500 Corporates

Stock exchanges



Payment to company
Corporate Sustainability & Reputation Consulting Ltd.

State Bank of India
425, Gokhale Road
Thane West
Through NEFT
IFSC code : SBIN0005354
C.D. Account Number :

No courier or post, its direct online payment

Payment to NGO
Developed Nation Network Trust
Thane West
Through NEFT
IFSC code : TJSB0000003
C.D. Account Number :

FCRA Account
Bank of Baroda
Thane, West
Through NEFT
IFSC code :
Account Number :

No courier or post, its direct online payment. It is our way of reducing burden on climate (Paper means cutting trees)