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Tourism places

The above banner can be different for each country, but all banners on the left side for 710 districts of India will be same.
The top banner which is on all pages can be sponsored by just one organisation.
If you are interested, do send a mail to Datacentre

We know many people are so busy in their day to day life that they want to get out this daily happenings and go out of house, on some tour and these are the perhaps the only days when the family is together during day time, otherwise persons leave in the morning and come back late evening and have no time to meet or talk to each other & children.

We also know that tourism is not our focus area and why tourism on social & health portal is the first question that you will ask us.

We share tourism because of many things like
1) It gives income to people who live in tourism area
2) It means there is less migration from tourist places to cities / metros
3) If religious locations is the tourism area, it means the visitors get great satisfaction and get ready to do more work
4) If historical locations is the tourism area, it means the visitors see the historic area and the guide informs tham about the location (the modern youth get it on their mobile)
5) If beach locations is the tourism area, it means one enjoys life and works more to come again and it also gives massage and sun (Vitamin D)