Brand Ambassadors  

A brand ambassador (sometimes also called a corporate ambassador) is a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. The key element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume more.
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CSRidentity.com can share Brand Ambassadors but having worked in Advertising & PR, founder is well aware that Brand Ambassadors can be for a particular period and if we say .... is a Brand Ambassador for a particular product, organisation, country, then it may happen that the period of brand ambassadorship of that person may have expired.

1) In case of Brand Ambassador for a product or brnad Ambassador of a product, a company, an NGO, a country, we will try to put the period.
Next to the name of the product, corporate, country, city, village ... we will put Brand ambassadorship dates
2) The ad / PR agency or organisations which have taken Brand Ambassadorship must send a 5 line mail to Datacentre@CSRidentity.com which mentions the brand name, period of brand ambassadorship, brand ambassadorship being done by which agency (We will not dilute sharing the names of Brand Ambassador agencies but would like to share their names with contact phone number (no email) so that if one is keen, one will contact the brand ambassador agency directly (without us, and yes, if they dont mention our name, we are perfectly fine because we respect value of their time, talent)
3) No Ad agency or PR agency can share their ad on the right side of Brand Ambassadorship forum because other Ad / PR agencies may not like it.

We will share
1) Brand Ambassadorsors by country
2) Brand ambassador by name of the Brand first and then name of person who is the real brand ambassador because we always think Brand first