We share rivers in each country and in addition, we also share creeks & tributaries.
We may share lakes soon because Thane, our global example is known as city of lakes.

We also share rivers in different States / UTs of our global example country India. We know that many rivers flow through different states and the river name may be repeated in different states in India and some rivers flow through different countries, so they may be repeated in related coutries.

We know that there are some coutnries where there is no river and the names are shared on this page itself.

While we share 25000 names of rivers as of now, we plan to share brief information of 2000 rivers.

Sovereign countries where there is no river
Bahrain, Kiribati, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Nauru, Saudi Arabia, Tonga, Tuvalu

Dependencies and other territories where there is no river
Anguilla, Bermuda, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Guernsey, Easter Island, Gibraltar, Niue, Norfolk Island, Pitcairn Islands, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna

Why & how can you put banners?
Many people visit the site and they will surely visit the rivers section to see rivers in their country as well as other countries.

Our plan for sharing names
By 31.3.2019, we plan to share more than 35 000 rivers from 200 plus countries and 400 plus districts of India.

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