CSRidentity.com inspiration : Rohan CSRidentity.com inspiration : Bhau
World inspirations : They are real life non medical psychologists. Rather than living life with fear, they are inspirations who live life with great purpose

We share great inspirations.
They may be simple unknown individuals like Rohan or
celebrities like Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft or Jordan Speith, Golf Star. Their image gets enhanced multiple times after you know how courageous they are (not well known worldover in their field but in personal life)

Read them and you will get more energy of this non medical doses.
And there is no limit of these non medical doses you have to take like Doctors usually say 1 x 1 x 1 (which means 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 at night). You take these knowlege doses again and again if you feel emotionally uncomfortable that why this has happend to me only (like why I have thrid stage blood cancer or why I have ebola or how on earth the jaundice got my address !!!!)

Of course you work and then only take these knowledge doses because you get energised to work after knowing them (just reading not meeting).
And work is not just giving you income, it gives benefit to others because when you work, it directly or indirectly benefits someone. (Even if you just eat, it benefits the agriculture industry, the shopkeers or malls and the doctors who take care of your body)

You may know the person but you may not know what the person has suffered or has addressed fearful challenges. And more importantly, instead of just crying or wasting time in cursing destiny or asking "Why me only" or "what wrong I did", they overcome challenges (sometimes you cant do medically anything like in Rohan's case nothing can be done in medical terms whatever money we invest but instead of cursing destiny, his father who is founder of CSRidentity.com, Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, thinks he is a 24 hour teacher of Integration and therefore CSRidentity.com integrates the work millions of you as individuals or as organisations work on social, health & climate issues)

Some of them are real life heroines or heroes or great transgenders and have achieved a great level so that life becomes a story (even for a film)

We must tell you that Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat, Founder of CSRidentity.com thinks they are non medical psychologists.

And instead of putting them by their name e.g. Jordan Speith in J, we will put him in Autism, because he loves his sister Ellie which has autism and supports speicla needs of youth amng many other areas like pediatric cancer.

Founder personal insprirations
Bhau, Father of founder who is global example of simplicity and has given new vision to CSRidentity.com
Aai, Mother of founder who indirectly taught him value education
Rohan, son of founder and his 24 hours integration teacher.



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10 Celebrities with Chronic Illnesses
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First, let us clarify that we are not against psychologists.
There are many psychologists in the world.
Some are neurosurgeons who medically check if your brain has been affected by checking your MRI or other medical instruments.

Some are doctors who tell you that you dont have physical problem with the brain but have psychological issues (There is no physical part by the name of Mind in any human's body but we know everybody has mind) and on what basis the psychologists tell you is unknown to us and we dont know if they tell truth or just give you some medicine which they know is no medicine but you feel it heals you, so they give you that. e.g. If a doctor in a big hospital gives you plain water and even knowing that there is no medicine in it, purposely tell you that the water you will drink has medicine. You feel good and drink that water and suddenly you think that the medicine in water helped you. The doctor knew that he has not put any medicine but to ensure that your anxiety or fear or whatever will be cleared by just saying there is medicine. His job is to take care of you and she / he / transgender has fulfilled the job of helping you feel right.

Now we have not heard of any legal case one has put on these doctors who give water but say the untrue thing that there is medicine in the water. We also know that if you take a patient who is about to expire, your doctor doesnt say that the patient will expire. She / he / transgender says that they will give medicines and the patient will be ok. The doctors know that the patient is doing to die but they take care of you by saying not true thing that the patient is doing to die in the next 24 or 48 hours. Now we have not heard any legal case where the relative of a patient has filed against a doctor for saying wrong thing. Because the purpose of this wrong saying is almost like a medicine to keep the relatives of patient under control that there patient is in safe hands.

But if someone uses psychologists who did not test you through MRI or other proven instrucments for a legal purpose, then you must file a case against the doctor because you tried to take care of privacy of doctor but the doctor has gone public through court. So you can ask which MRI test she / he / transgender did and as a result of this you were under medical treatment.

We are saying this because
1) founder's son is becoming a medical doctor and we know lot of people get angry when their patients die
2) founder has seen many doctors saying that they will take care of patient with a noble purpose of keeping the relatives under false hope. They know that the patient will not survive but they show rays of hope for patients relatives so that they have the courage to face challenges.
His simple to people around the world is : If you have a heart attack, you go to a hospital or court ? And does the hospital says,"Wait for 6 years because there are lot of people who came here who had heart attack cases and unless we take care of their treatment, you wait". Every lawyer and every judge must know that they are not robots, which can wait or there is a temporary replacement. They are humans and if they have heart attack ... just imagine a good hospital asking you to put more than 6 years before your first hearing (in this case chest pain, earlier medical scenario, heart attack number 1 or 2 or 3 ..).
4) So urgency is urgency, whether it is medical urgency or legal urgency or social urgency or climate urgency. e.g. Climate change is taking very disturbing situation now and it is absolutely urgent that do have meeting, conferences on climate change but simultaneously have climate change processes so that you do what you talk. Founder always thinks that when there is technology which can bring people in 193 UN countries & 2 SARs together via video why call them to say Thane or New York for a climate change conference (travelling by all these greats takes a toll on climate change and their travel money and that money also can be used for climate positive processes. But again founder thinks that we all are people and coming say 200 highly influential people together (physical presence) may have far different meaning than the time & money.
This money can be investment rather than waste.