We plan to increase the number from 500 to 2000 by 28.8.2020
Corporates : Fortune 500 corporates, Forbes 2000 corporates (We may add more companies from globally well known entities)

We plan to share about 2000 companies which have global operations.
Most of these companies are working in many countries at the same time.

These large names of companies are taken from the list of Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 2000 companies. We know that most of the Forbes 2000 companies are Fortune 500 companies, so we say about 2000 companies. But there may be some extra names.

But this is not based on what we think or what we get in financial terms but as said earlier, these are about 2000. We may add more names if we add more research by globally well known entities like Bloomberg or companies started by Giving Pledgers which are not in 2000.

In each of these companies, we share name of the company, its industry, its headquarter location, its website, its CSR or Sustainability platform.

We plan to add links to Employee Volunteering links from January 2020.


For details, contact Datacentre.