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Aai (Mother of founder) - she was the first person on earth to indirectly inculcate the value education thought in founder

Aai was the first person on earth to give Value Education Thought to the founder.

Founder never studied Value Education when he was in School, College, Engineering College, part of Law College, MBA College and still doesnt see Value Education classes in Medical college where his son Aum is doing studies.

Of course Aai, who is founder's mother is no more on earth and used to run Montessory. But she never taught Value Education as a topic. It was a process which she indirectly taught the founder.

Founder doesnt know if there is Value Education teaching period in Schools or Colleges.
And he is not at all thinking that Value Education means the financial value you get after doing education because without going to college or getting degree also, there are many billionaires in this world.

What he means by Value Education is the Value in everything you do while you are on earth.
And Value Education lessons are ethics, morality, behaviour, helping needy (poor as well as rich need help; the poor need medical, economic help and the rich need help which teaches them to be nice and not think that money is everything.

Aai had Alzheimer's diesease in late stage, so in her memory we sponsor Alzheimer's disease.



Aai had Alzheimer's diesease in late stage and left this earth on 7th August 2001.

Founder was born on 8th August 1962 and he thinks that though medically a person is born only once, in terms of second life, Bhau saved him on 28th August 2013

Does this mean that founder thinks August is good for earth.

NO. He thinks every second of every day, every month is good and not just throws lot of challenges but shows that there are millions of people doing good social, health & climate work.

World does not have only good or only bad people. Its a mix of both plus neutral types of citizens.

Like founder thianks this is his second life, he has seen people whose ego is soooooooooooooo much that it overtakes mind.

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