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In English language, Will is used in many words, specially words like : I will do it, I will try to do it, We will do it .... We will reduce poverty .... We will survive ....

The last word is important.

Survival is great, but remember each human being has expiry date.
So WILL & WISH are important because hardly does a human being know the expiry date in advance.
And even if they know it, they always WISH that they should live more.

CSRidentity.com founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat survived from an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 thanks to Bhau who left this world on 9.2.2015
People responsible for the accident or others who were happy to know about the accident must know that Sanjay is not at all afraid of death. Infact he considers this is BONUS life given to integrate philanthropic as well as for profit good things happening in the world. Thane as well as Maharashtra Police, Collector, Politicians know about the accident details and will take CARE of the people responsible for another accident or some other things.

There are more than 1.4 billion below the poverty line citizens in this world.
Please help at least 1 BPL in your lifetime or
through a registered WILL or an unregistered WILL..

People in middle class or upper middle class or upper class
and celebrities can easily take care of 1 BPL citizen in their country or in any other country, specifically African countries.
And one can take care in financial terms or in non financial volunteering terms.
And yes, only dont give money to remove that person from BPL to APL (Above the Poverty Line). Ensure your money has impact.

In simple words, check, cheque and check.
First check is check whether the concerned person is BPL or ..,
then give cheque (It is good if money is given in cheque format because there is a proof),
the last check is check the impact of money.

And give funds only for 3 years and in these 3 years the implementing agency to which you give funds should ensure Sustainability of the concerned person in terms of livelihood or in case of senior persons or differently abled persons check something else or tell the donor that this person needs support till that persons expiry date.

If 1.4 billion people above the poverty line take care of 1.4 billion people below the poverty line for 3 years, the world will be a great place to live & leave.
Again, it must be your WISH (not a WISH which you had to sign compulsarily or someone dictated you) and WILL (your WILL, again not dicated by circumstamces).
Actually it is YOUR WILL and we dont understand why it has to be a registered WILL. Its a human responsibility & human rights issue.

Visitors to CSRidentity.com are human beings and we dont know whether they are great, good, financially corrupt, mentally corrupt, greedy or money oriented.
And we therefore say registered WILL (the registration should be done with the related government office, at least that is the process in India. We dont know about other countries).

We urge celebrities to take care of 1 BPL person when they are alive and one more after their expiry date and the second one must be in the form of a registered WILL.
Celebrities have influencing power and money, so if they take care of 1 BPL and promote related NGOs, then their followers will take care of 1.
So 1.4 billion can be achieved by 2022 (within 3 to 5 years) if all celebrities promote this concept..

We repeat. Remember each human being has expiry date.
World will be a great place to live & leave if you have a clear WILL.

The WILL against povery is a mental WILL and doesnt require registration.
(We have purposely misspelt Poverty. The t is missing and t stands for thinking or it may stand for time. Misspelling is just to show how people think of poverty and how valuable time is for them and tis world is integration of people. Of course this world is integration of so many critical things like rivers, oceans, sun, trees, pet & wild animals .....)

Actually, before one writes a WILL or legally registers the WILL with governmet, one must have a WILL and WISH to remove poverty.
CSRidentity.com is not a political party with agenda.
It is our human agenda to remove poverty
(This page is about WILL but purposely we share Insurance case on this page).

Now, Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat who had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, was not given an opportunity to share what he, his family, friends, clients .... have gone through in the last 5 years. It is unacceptable.
Again issues like population, more dense population in cities .... must be considered.
But 5 years time
is unacceptable.

Does the Insurance company wants someone to DIE so that Insurance Money is given full.

Yes, when one fills up insurance company form, it says that ............... and how many people who have signed the from have read & understood the complete paper of insurance.

Does the insurance agent tell you every thing, specially if you dont die but you had an almost fatal accident, then you will get only .... money.
They must ensure that their clients understands it and then only signs it.

Hardly any insurance agent will tell you and ensure that you have completely understood.
And usually, the insurance agent doesnt ask any questions when a person signs insurance papers. If they ask it, it is just a formality.
Why is Insurance agent paid for ???
It is the responsibility of the agent to understand whether the person who signs has completely understood what she / he is signing.
The agent must ask questions to check. (Arent there questions the end of a chapter in school ? We know it is not childish and it is not at all formality. Is insurance a formality ? If Insurance agents think it is a requirement, then it is a school of thought where the curriculum is life driven).

The BIG unanswered questions Sanjay has are :
Is Insurance done as a security measure or as Money after death measure ?
Is Term insurance better than life insurance ?


Its human right to have a WILL.
Relatives, political parties, organisations are influencers but not deciders of the WILL.

India is our global example, has a population of 1.3 billion plus (This is registered population and the actual population according to many may be more because many people who live in forests or are nomadics may not - repeat may not be registered.

Each of these 1.3 billion plus citizens has a religion, caste ... (There are different religions or castes) but two things which are common in all of them is 1) They are humans 2) They have a will - it can be to live lavishly or help society or whatever - of course we respect but cant take those who cant think because they are mentally disabled citizens or citizens in coma.

Does India care for Registered WILL of its citizens ?
How many of these individuals register their WILL is not known.
CSRidentity.com is not sure if a democratic country like India takes legal care of registered WILL of Indian citizens.
The experience of our founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat regarding registered WILL is very very clear. It is about a person no more living in this world but while he was alive and was Indian citizen, he had registered WILL going through required medical tests and the will has a copy that a medical doctor who has done medical tests.
India has 1/7 th of the world population as citizens and if India cant take care of a Registered WILL, then whether people should register their WILL is a BIG question common in all states/UTs of India.

Even after 3 years when an Indian citizen expires (and who had registered a WILL 5 years back and that time he was medically fit to register a WILL as per doctor certificate), if a country like India, can not take care legal decision at district court level (forget about high court or supreme court), then India will surely be questioned of its reputation of a democratic country or fast decision making country.

Our founder has thought a lot about it for the last 5 years on questions like
Why it takes time ?"
"Is it because of the large population, specially migration to metros and cities which takes time for courts to decide on registered WILL?"
"On what ethical basis & legal basis people postpone court decisions ?"
"Do Indian people value parents who gave birth to them ?"
"Do Indian citizens take care of their parents when they become senior citizens by not just age but by experience ?"
"If they dont take care of their own parents, on what ethical values they expect their child or grand child or blood relatives or friends or neighbours ... to take care of them in case of health or financial matters?"

5 years is unacceptable.
Does a doctor says wait for 5 years, when you take a patient who just had a heart attack ?
Does a doctor taking medical care of an accident patient says wait outside for 5 years ?
Does any one in India or anyone in the world likes this concept of a doctor asking you to wait for 5 years before seeing you and giving you treatment ?

To summarise
India has 1/7th of the world population.
And 5 years is tooooooooooooooooooo long a time for court to take a legal decision of a medically fit Indian citizen who had registered his WILL and has expired 5 years ago..

Do courts take such time to take a decision of Registered WILL of a Supreme court judge or Indian Member of Parliament or Justice Minister ????? And here we are talking about a Registered WILL of a medically fit person who used to go for a morning and evening walk, used to exercise with friends, who used to go relatives .... well after doing a Registered WILL.
We dont know the real facts of court's delay.
But reality is reality.
Its not a bad dream, but reality.

And it is not at all a good identity of a country because 130 crore plus (1300 million plus) citizens of India seem to have no value in the court which thinks that each of the 130 crore plus Indian citizens are same in court matters, whether one is poor or rich, political party leader, President of the country or lives in a hut. LAW is same for all. Is it true ???????.

Legal complaints against registered WILL ???????
Its a horrible concept that Legal complaints are registered for a WILL done by amedically fit person who registers the WILL. Yes, India is a democratic country and anyone has a legal wirght to go to court and file a case of file many cases and go to police station and register compaints.... But some people & their lawyers do it & waste WORLD's time, money and most importantly start an unethical practice.

We hope the LAW is clear and takes care of such inhumans and punishes this inhuman behaviour. Its similar to a WAR against ethics.

And we want
Justice Ministry to take care of the image of India.
And we want human rights organisations (not activist organisations) to tell the LAW what the LAW knows well but does not implement in time, THE TRUTH.

LAW must stop such inhuman behaviour
and this should be mentioned in clear words and publicised so that people think - if they have ability to think - hundred times before approaching court. Their lawyers know the truth but take cases to increase the time period before court takes a decision or help their friends ...or to make money.

The lawyers should not be greedy and think that more legal cases means more money.. LAWYERS are supposed to be trained with legal knowledge & we hope they are not taught unethical thinking and behaviour.

World will be a greater place to live & leave if you take care of people who gave you birth (your parents)
. You may be Queen, King, President, PM, Minister, Scientist, Great doctor or common person. Who has given birth to you ? YOUR PARENTS.

They take care of you when you are a child.
Do respect them and take care of them when they are physically old or when they need it.
Remember medical practices have improved now and one can easily live more.
But agewise everyone gets older if they survive.
If you become old and your child or grand child doesnt take care or bother about you, then what will be your condition. We have purposely not ended this sentence with question mark because there can not be any questions..

You might beg them to take care of you but if they ask you simple question of "What care you took of your parents ? If you did not look at them, then on what thinking terms you have the right to tell me to take care of YOU"

And then you have no answer except the fact that you can only repent
(of course if you have moral & ethical values then only you can repent)
Such inhumans will have legal right to play with their grandchildren but absolutely no ethical stand till they expire.

(Note : Like in TV channels, CSRidentity.com must admit that we are not mentioning any names of persons who register a WILL or names of people who are greedy and go to court or names of lawyers who are greedy of either money or friendship or image. If some people think that this is a real STORY based on their real life, they must admit this mistakes in court as well as infront of people of this world.

If you think its your story, then learn from such horrible mistakes and be ready for any right and judicial decisions)

In case of accident and insurance, it mentions the name Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat but it also clears the fact that he has not read the full details before signing the Insurance and now Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat is of the firm opinion that only Term Insurance should be taken and no life insurance.
Of course this does not cover good practices of Mediclaims.

We repeat. If the world has 7.5 billion plus citizens, then remember they are born to their parents. True, poor may not economically take care of their parents but they must take care of the emotions of their parents till they are physically on earth.

Economically one may be Below the Poverty Line citizen but they are billionaires in terms of number of neurons in the brain (in medical terms, remember that rich, poor, middle class .... all humans have an average number of neurons in the brain between 86 billion to 100 billion ... )

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.