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While names of all corporates, NGOs, FAs ... in all countries are shared free, the district visibility members are shared on the Index page of the district.

Thane dist population
110 60 148 (2011 census)
80 70 032
Emeregency helpline : 100  
Municipal government
Collector , MPs , Mayor
Palak mantri

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You are just 1 person and there are 7.4 billion persons in this world. But YOU have a definite role
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Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Maze Ghar
28.08.2013 , Rohan
Please lift at least one person from below the poverty line to above the poverty line in your life or registered WILL 
MP Rajan Vichare's 3 years work as MP and Pimpari his village in Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi
MBA Foundation
Jupiter Hospital
Government, Law,Police,
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V V Lakshminarayana


Masunda Talao
Kokanipada village
Bhinar school of tribals

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Thane Vaibhav (Marathi)
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Dr Harshad Purandare

Political parties
Political parties

Late Anand Dighe
Late Prakash Paranjape

Eknath Shinde
Jitendra Awhad
Kapil Patil
Pratap Sarnaik
Rajan Vichare
Shrikant Shinde
We started a website on Thane in 1999. Because of 28.8.2013, CSRidentity.com which focussed on India has gone global but Thane remains our global example.
We will soon appeal Justice Ministry
In today's world, environment is crucial. We will soon write to Justice ministry as to why lawyers have to write on papers (indirectly cutting trees). Afterall India plans tablets/small laptops to students. So people & lawyers can give online details of their cases and these are not only accessible to the district judges but to designated people in high court or supreme court or central law ministry. This will not only be good for environment and reduce climate change in a positive manner but it surely make clean cases.
Social programmes & Funding proposal by all stakeholders in all countries is free

We had initially thought that organisations in Thane district, can share their funding proposals, volunteering & donation opportunities free till we manage CSRidentity.com. This idea came before 2nd October 2017 and we must thank Venkat Krishnan for starting Daan Utsav on 2nd October every year

On 28.10.2017, we thought that Thane districts in India is a very small part of the world. And thought India has 1/7th of the population, what about other people in the world ? Thane & India are our global examples but we know that there are millions of credible programmes across the world. So Thane & India can learn from around the world various factors like impact analysis, professional nature of working in the social sector (yes, they must all has humanity while working on social issues and work as per the law guidelines).
So on 28.10.2017 we decided that all stakeholders from any country can share their social issue programmes, social issue funding proposals & social videos free. We will share them in respective social issue pages.
Remember it is social issues and not issues related to politics, activism, naxalism, terrorism, crime....

We will be extremely happy if Venkat decides to promote Daan Utsav in various countries on appropriate dates

4 years of investment
We have invested 4 years in thinking & sharing large canvas of all countries. And this is just a starting point.
Now we want to start in making the canvas deep not just large and we need individuals & institutions as content partners, sponsors, helping communities through local NGOs

We exist with new vision thanks to Bhau
Bhau (father of cofounder) saved cofounder Sanjay Bapat. While in physical & medical terms, Sanjay is same, in vision terms he is reborn.

Sanjay was working on social issues since 1999 but it was just for one district (Thane) and one country (India).
28.8.2013 gave birth to new concept of integration of social issues, social challenges, solutions, programmes of various stakeholders in all the countries as well as government schemes in various countries.
Steve Jobs on death

MP Rajan Vichare's work, his three years as MP and Pimpari his village in Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
Thane interviews
Nilkor Kulkarni, a common but great citizen
Dr Vikas Mhaskar on his Rose garden
Abhay & Radhika on adoption
Signature collector Satish Chaphekar
CA, who travels to different countries
Dr Kolhatkar, a family doctor
Dilip Satra on meeting with Mr Modi
CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation (not just Corporate Social Responsibility because each individual. organisation, nation has social responsibility)
We cover all stakeholders and all countries & islands. Some are experienced & expert internet users for whom dropdown above shares all coverage but some are new internet users for whom non drop format (sort of site map with due links) is required and they can see the site coverage just below the world map.
Climate changers
In India, the population is huge (2nd most populated country in the world) and therefore court cases are large in numbers. Lawyers use lot of paper, which indirectly affects climate.  This can be easily taken care of by the government , if it uses online legal methods. It not only saves paper and helps key issues of time, governance, transparency. We may approach the Law Ministry at the National level (or support media who approaches Law Minister) to see if it can be implemented.