India is our sample country, so we share 36 States / UTs and 677 + districts, Thane as a global example, so every programme & address in Thane is seen free by all.
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Thane district is our global example, so we share basic names or profiles of all stakeholders from the homepage of CSRidentity.com
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MP Rajan Vichare's work, his two years as MP, Pimpari his village in Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
Jupiter Hospital
Dr Harshad Purandare
Thane : starts 28.3.17
Thane is an integral part of India and is our global example.
CSRidentity.com exists because of courageous living of Bhau.
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0.1 million Thaneites donate Rs 100/- pm or Rs 1200 pa. It is Rs 120 million per annum. Institutional donation is extra
Thane in 2050
Nilkor Kulkarni, a common but great citizen
Dr Vikas Mhaskar on his Rose garden
Abhay & Radhika on adoption
Signature collector Satish Chaphekar
CA, who travels to different countries
Dr Kolhatkar, a family doctor
Dilip Satra on meeting with Mr Modi
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If you are in Thane or NRI from Thane or work in Thane, do share your social & developmental programmes, brief profiles & addresses at zero cost to Datacentre. 
Thanks to Bhau, Blood banks across the world can share addresses free locationwise.
Thane is our global example. We invite media from Thane or any journalist who writes about Thane, to share the writing, so that we can put it free with a link to the source. MP, NGOs, Corporates, Funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities can share their programmes in Thane free. Mail to Datacentre
We will soon appeal Justice Ministry
In today's world, environment is crucial. We will soon write to Justice ministry as to why lawyers have to write on papers (indirectly cutting trees). Afterall India plans tablets/small laptops to students. So people & lawyers can give online details of their cases and these are not only accessible to the district judges but to state judges as well as central law ministry. This will not only be good for environment and reduce climate change in a positive manner but it surely make clean cases.