Thane District    (Forum India, Thane and India's 29 States, 7 UTs and 712 districts - including Thane - are sponsored in memory of Bhau)

Thane was the largest district in India (till 14th August 2014). It was bifurcated into Thane & Palghar.
Our founder lives in Thane.

He started an internet driven portal on Thane in 1999 when the then commissioner of Thane launched the portal in TMC. Then he started a portal for India in later part of 1999.

This was not just based in the old saying charity begins at home
but because of the true meaning of the word & sentence, which tells you to do charitable work with self. Because you can yourself judge the work.

Founder had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 at 5.30 AM when he had gone for a morning walk with his father Bhau (he was 82 years then) was the first person on earth to save him and take him to hospital.
Though it is a rule that when there is an accident, take the so called patient first (police will not question you if you take the person to hospital), in India, people are scared to help accident patients / victims.

Maybe Bhau postponed the death of founder because founder had not done enough for Mother Earth, share on a portal, what millions of individuals, organisations in different countries in this world are doing to help human beings, living beings, non living things in various countries alongwith the governments or directly.

Founder took a step ahead and now not just world but universe is our canvas.

Also, Thane is a global example because we can physically see what is happening. How there are great individuals like Niloufer Kulkarni and an unnamed woman who have so much will power, that for them cancer is not a full stop of life.

He also sees how alumni are helping society either as individuals or as MP or as government representatives, how doctors, hospitals think patient first ....... so instead of just hearing, he can see and that is possible if you can see these individuals in real life (not just on internet).

So now CSRidentity.com canvas is universe because founder thinks universe is his home and charity begins at home later, but self first.

Interesting facts about Thane

Only in Thane district in India, we are starting with a new version of internet driven part where the banner of right side is different in every stakeholder category. So the banner of right side of doctors is different than philanthropists or media ... and in social & Health issues the banner if our own NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust.

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Thane's Identity was City of Lakes.
Plus Mental Hospital which took care of people.

See video of plans of MP Shri Rajan Vichare & TMC for beautification of Thane's Masunda Talao

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