Thane is not a country. founder started his social enterprise in 1999 and the first website was on Thane.
We must therefore start any thing new idea with Thane. plans to share Social, Health, Climate issues in Thane in a different way than any country (incluging India).
Yes, it is be an ideal way in which all countries, all stakeholders and the entire should work.
Yes, individuals & organisations can advertise but its not any fees to CSR Consulting but to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust which partners with NGOs / NPOs in different countries and the entire advertising is a donation which will go towards NGOs which are working on social, health & climate issues. We will do it when our sustainability as well as our work on Brand Thane is taken care of.

Founder of Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat plans to Brand Thane district as one which is respected across the world.

Help : This is foundation and so there is no number to it. Someone just says I leave on 5th floor or 50th floor or ground floor
No body will say I leave below the soil because foundation is several feet below the land surface. Strong foundation is key for any good building.
So if we say human being
, we mean good foundation.
So Thane must be a global example of volunteering time, skills ... and different donation examples (clothes, computers, even coins if one is not rich )

It can be help to students in Municipal schools or children who do not go to school or orphans or disabled or widows ...... or help to senior citizens or women specially widows, disabled .............

1) Management for corporates in Thane (they can be citizens in Thane or are working in Thane district (as Chairpersons of companies, as Small scale industry founders or managers in companies based in Thane district) can help all the world (whether it is NGOs, corporates, Small sclae industries, Medium scale industries, funding agencies, media, philanthropists, celebrities ...). And they need not travel anywhere because it may not be climate positive. They can sit in their office and send us an email and we will share it with the name of the person who write it. The topics will be many like marketing, HR, succession planning, advertising, value education, PR, manufacturing processes ........ and when it is shared then we have language convertors which means what you share in English can be converted into 102 other languages.
2) Hospitals or individual doctors can share each body part in non medical language so that everybody in the world can understand it.
It can be about brain, heart or any part of human body (right from head to toes ... yes, every part of human body includes stomach, nose ......
And they should not just share 1 para information about that part but what disease that part may have. e.g. when they share blood, they should share diseases like blood cancer ...
We will not take it from any medical book because we want info in a language which is non medical so that people understand. Of course there are some names which are typically in English so that
This information will definitely read by people in all parts of the world and they can share diseases like Ebola which may not have affected anyone in Thane but is a key disease for mankind.
3) Teachers : If teacher's can answer questions subjectwise and standardwise (e.g. 7th standard geography lesson 7 and the questions in the academic book and the answer. The idea is that students should read the book because teacher's job is explain what is written in the book and the simple way is answer the questions which are typically given in the book because after all the learning, students will still have to sit for exam. And when they give answers they indirectly teach. Again, this will be written and not audio because as of now students still have to write in exams not answer orally. That is practicals.
Also it is costly for us to take videos and put that on (We know it is free to share on but taking the videos in various languages (14 odd languages) from 1st to 10 standards and so many subjects which means thousands of videos (14 languages x 10 standards x 7 subjects per standard = 980 into number of lessons per subject , suppose it is 15 lessons per subject then 980 x 15 = 147000 videos)
It is not just economically better for us but we will not get teachers for 14 plus languages (I know India has much more than 14 languages and if we do for all countries, then it will be hundreds of languages. So we will start to a no end suject of how great work teachers are doing)
4) Citizens : Citizens can do volunteering, donation but one thing many can do easily (women, men, transgenders, from 18 to 60 - not sure about age brackets, rich - middle class - financially poor) is Blood donation. Of course BP, Diabetes, HIV can be some of the issues - again we dont know medically what is right but that will be shared soon when we ask our global example Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi to share simple rules)
We also want Thane citizens to be global example in giving right from Rs 10 to whatever amount they can to develop Thane not just in academic terms but in writing, singing, acting, various types of sports, in maintaining libraries, in painting, in doing stetches ............ so it will be Brand Thane as a global example.
5) Government authorities : We know government can set great examples of how to be climate positive. They must have practices like clean Thane, clean lakes, clean rivers in Thane, clean Creeks .......
Political parties : We dont cover politics on but know the power of political leaders and they can use part of this great power to ensure Global practices for climate positiveness

Brand Thane
Social & Health issues
Brand Thane
Our Dream
Brand Thane
Our Dream
Brand Thane
Our Dream

Thane was the largest district in India as per Census 2011 but in 2014, Thane was bifurcated into Thane & Palghar. Our founder lives in Thane.

He started an internet driven portal on Thane in 1999 when the then commissioner of Thane launched the portal in TMC. Then he started a portal for India in later part of 1999.

This was not just based in the old saying charity begins at home but because of the true meaning of the word. It tells you to do any work and more importantly charitable work must start with self.

Founder had an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013 at 5.30 AM when he had gone for a morning walk with his father Bhau (he was 82 years then) who was the first person on earth to save him and take him to hospital.

Though it is a rule that when there is an accident, take the so called patient first to hospital (police will not question you if you take the person to hospital). But we know that in India, people are scared to help accident patients / victims.

Maybe Bhau postponed the death of founder because founder had not done enough for Mother Earth. He had not shared in his portal enough work that millions of individuals, organisations are doing in India and in other countries in this world. Founder took a step ahead and instead of just this world, he plans to share what is happening in this universe.

Now, Thane is a global example. We can see what is happening, how so called humans behave .... instead of joining political parties and helping, how people in the society play politics ....and against this backdrop, we can see how individuals like Niloufer Kulkarni and an unnamed woman have so much will power, that for them cancer is not a full stop of life.

He also sees how alumni are helping society as individuals or entrepreneurs, how doctors, hospitals think patient first ....... so instead of just hearing, he can see and that is possible if you can see these individuals in real life (not just on internet).

Interesting facts about Thane
Only in Thane district in India, we are starting with a new version of internet driven part where the banner of right side is different in every stakeholder category. So the banner of right side of doctors is different than philanthropists or media ... and in social & Health issues the banner is of our own NGO, Developed Nation Network Trust.
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Thane, Global example (Thane is not a country but district in India)
Thane is not a country but is a district in India and is our special global example. We plan to Brand Thane, so each stakeholder category is shared on a separate page where there will be ads for that particular page.

For each ad, instead of the money going to CSR Consulting, it will be a donation to our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust and all the donation amount (excluding Chartered Accountant's fees) will be invested in Brand Thane (Branding, promotion, programmes in Thane).
The amount of donation will be left to the advertiser on that page.

Thane is our dream

Thane is a district in Maharashtra State in India and not a country,
Thane is our global example and we cover Thane more comprehensively than any country (including India) because of several things. Some of them are
1) We want to Brand Thane
This means promotion of Thane across the world.
2) We want to invest more funds in development of Thane but founder is taking the same salary as of 1999, though the costs have increased several times not just because of money required for Rohan's fee for hostel, Aum's fee for medical education but many family issues like health. Besides even the salary of every person cant be stable since 1999. Either she / he is asked to leave or their salary is increased. Its 20 years,
We have decided to offer the right hand side banner for a donation and 100% of the donation will be used for development of Thane maybe starting with Climate change, Blood donation, Disabled, Education, some health issue, Senior citizens and Branding of Thane.
3) While there are limited Social, Health, Climate issues and limited stakeholders that we cover in countries, in Thane district, we plan to cover many more folders. e.g. Thane has Collector (We dont cover them countrywise, though there is a forum for Collectors which cover collectors in India), has 3 Members of Parliament (again, we dont cover them countrywise, though there is a forum for MPs which covers MPs in India), Thane is large, so it has Municipalities (These are not covered in any country, even in India) ....
In no country, including India, we have covered
Offices of Charity commissioner (in Thane its Deputy Charity Commissioner), Housing societies, Location of Smashans ...
Shops for Books, Eateries, Hotels, Jewellary ...
Separate pages for each Social, Health, Climate issue where we plan to cover NGOs working for related issue (In health and senior citizens pages, we also share organisations which supply human resources for senior citizens on daily contract basis)
In Thane we also share insurance agents not just because founder suffered an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, but because every one must have insurance - whether life insurance or only insurance when one is dead or insurances which both into consideration, accident insurance and how to claim and how much government gives back legally ...


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Thane's Identity was City of Lakes.
Plus Mental Hospital which took care of people.

See video of plans of MP Shri Rajan Vichare & TMC for beautification of Thane's Masunda Talao

For details, contact Datacentre

Thane district will be shared in day dream format where NGOs will be shared as Dream Stock Exchange free members, where people will directly pay them or pay them through our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust which has 80G as well as FCRA, which means it can accept donation from any country.
Instead of just NGOs, Corporates, few Funding agencies, Philanthropists, few media ... we want to promote celebrities in Thane in all formats, where there will be film celebs, sports celebs, television celebs ...
And we know that Government has a master key role for development and political parties play a major role.
As per our editorial role, we will never influence visitors by sharing our views as to which is good political party or good political leader ... but we will share links to all political parties and they can share what social & health work they are doing.
Again, Thane has a Municipal Corporation, Police which we think are safety doctors, Fire brigade which think are of Fire Safety doctors. We plan to interview leaders of Jail and mental hospital as well as Civil hospitals as to how doctors can offer free services to the citizens in Jail, mental hospital, BPL who cant go to private hospitals ...
We have started sharing Chartered Accountants (CAs) which we term as Financial doctors and we will start with them in Thane as to how they can do work for social & health issues without any fees.

We know that humans like to eat, so we plan to share all hotels, road side shops (again the quality of the food is not what we can decide but they all must follow government rules and nutritional guidelines shared by doctors but we know that Thane is well known for Vada Pav (And founder eats them from road side shops as well as he drinks Tea / coffee from road side shops)
There are now organisations which offer services to senior citizens, differently abled ... we will promote them.

So we plan big dreams for Branding Thane as a global case study of development.
Yes, there will always be bad elements in any society, we have no authority to remove them, its the authority of Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane Court, Thane Jail, Thane representative in Indian parliament ... we will never enter into this area. But we know that a Rose has thorns, so good Brand will always be seen good. If everything is tooooooooooo sweet, not only disabetics but it is not good for anyone's health. Sweet must be treated as Sweeet Dish not full meal. So goodness will be good if it addresses challenges faced.






CSR is Conscience , Sustainability , Reputation. (It is far larger & deeper than just Corporate Social Responsibility or Climate Social Responsibility)
Identity is what you are

.com (Dot com because founder is Social Entrepreneur recognised by Ashoka Washington) .