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Bhau - a citizen which all good people in this world must be proud of because of his courage, simplicity & vision

You can see CSRidentity.com in the present form just because our founder who had an almost fatal accident on 28.8.2013 (at about 5.30 AM in the morning) exist today because his father, Bhau (who was 82 years of age at that time) had the courage to take him to hospital. If the founder was taken to the hospital after an hour or two hours, then no one knows - including the doctors - whether CSRidentity.com in the present form & present vision would have ever happened.

But this is not the only courage of Bhau.
He was full of courage and lived with great simplicity and his views about religion, god have greatly influenced our founder.

For him, truth was more important than any relationship ... and we want each citizen in this world to know that truth is invaluable.
(And our founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat had the same views right from childhood and even after experiencing professional life of more than 30 years - and it was reconfirmed after 28.8.2013 - knows that we deal with human beings first - it is not required to ask for caste, religion, relationship, country, body colour because relationship is based on friendship and friends can be from any caste, religion, country or of any colour or sex. For Sanjay Bapat, each individual on this earth is a relative, some relatives are good, some are ok, some are bad, some are extremely bad for not just him but for any country, this earth & universe. So called blood relatives are not at all important. What Sanjay learnt from his mother was Value education, but he sees many humans who are financially corrupt or mentally corrupt.

Bhau wanted each one (of course based on age & medical condition) to donate blood and went to the houses of many people he knew with a request to give funds to Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi, the blood bank which was coming up in Thane district. Now our founder wants to promote how scientific it is, so that all blood banks across the world are science based - not money based. Of course money is requrired to go to villages and have blood donation drives, to give it to employees, to ensure water, lights, equipments ..., that is why we will share the funding needs of Kai Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi.

Bhau also realised that citizens in cities / metros are economically progressing faster than citizens in villages. But this is only about economic progress and not about development. He also felt that people divide themself into castes ... and unfortunately some are upper castes and some are backward castes.

So Bhau started to help an NGO - Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan - which educate nomadics (many are children of pardhi) in Yamgarwadi in Solapur district of India He even visited Yamgarwadi school once after he was 80 plus (in terms of physical age). Some citizens unfortunately brand these pardhi nomadics as people who have wrong behaviour in spite of their sterling contribution to our society. We cant take care of funding every villager on this earth but as a sample, we will share globally, how the Yamgarwadi project is functioning, their funding needs....

Bhau always believed that any decision is taken after a lot of thought & several experiences.
Decision is not like a button of light that you press it and lights are on or lights are off........

It may take days or months or years to decide. But to sign on a big decision takes only a few seconds.
Supreme Court head in India or any country or Prime Minister or President of any country will never say that just to physically sign once will take a few days or months or years. But it may take a few seconds or a few years to decide on whether to sign or not. e.g. Just to sign on financial budget of a country will take a few seconds but to decide on the financial budget of a country takes lot of study and time.

He was firm of his decisions till he left this world on 09.02.2015.

Bhau never believed in any particular god but he believed that there is an unknown entity which guides us all.
And people call that entity GOD.

Our founder knows that as humans people say "My God" if they see any thing good or worse. Their way of speaking, their tone is different but the words may be same. Our founder knows that like in products & services, there are different brands of god !!! (Of course Bhau was focussing on just India, because he was the citizen of India which is the world's largest democracy. But after 28.08.2013 Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat's thinking has changed. Now, India - however big - is a just 1 country. There are many countries / islands in this world and world is a small part of this universe).

Till almost 01.02.2015, Bhau was daily going at 5.30 AM or 5.40 AM for a morning walk (the timing changed to 5.45 AM after our cofounder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat recovered from the accident and started morning walk again. Bhau used to go alone for an evening walk because our founder was busy in thinking, meeting or research ... And we know that walk is a good excercise. At almost 84 years, he was fit and fine (Of course he had some challenges of BP, Diabetes ...)

Now we think every one is a global citizen (even our founder ends his letter / email by the designation Global Citizen . Official & legal designation is written sometimes because individuals & institutions want it to be written but he thinks it is not important, the mindset (repeat mind set) as a global citizen is important. And global citizen does not mean one has travelled across the world and is often in different countries. Even if one has not ever moved out of a small village or a forest in Africa, she / he / transgender is an integral part of this world. We clearly mean that we all are born as humans in this world first and then comes our caste, colour, country, religion and a few other things... ).

It was from Bhau that Sanjay learnt that we are born and leave this earth as humans (no one takes any money, any property, any gold ... when she / he leaves this world and we urge all therefore to think beyond your family).

Bhau has physically left this world but we want citizens in this world to replicate, modify or even scale up his efforts.

Let everyone participate in development because now our vision is universal development, with or without us.

Tribute to Bhau's thinking will be only when we reduce below the poverty line citizens (and that is where you see our request of removing poverty of 1.4 billion poor) Yes, it will be great if we leave this world as good citizens and people feel & say that they have lost a good person. Even if one is financially very poor person, people will still say the same if one was a clean & uncorrupt thinker.

It will be good if all humans in this world target the almost impossible - remove mental corruption. We say its impossible because we know it is impossible. Removing financial poverty is far easier than removing mental corruption. Again, removing financial poverty is a process because we may remove it but again the same person becomes poor, so sustainining the efforts is key.

The last word : We say Bhau made us realise : Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house), which is thinking term and not a legal term, because no one can say every house in terms of physical house belongs to her / him.


Instead of the founder taking care of Bhau (who was his father, senior by age, thinking & experience) , Bhau took care of our founder on & after 28.08.2013.

has expired & left this earth on 9.2.2015,
so the people responsible for the accident may feel that now there is nobody who will take care of founder.

But founder is not worried about this because Bhau
has given so clear thoughts as an invaluable gift (And this thought gift doesnt need any individuals or organisations permission is what we all know).

Friends, police in Thane, Maharashtra and political leaders know the happenings on 28.08.2013 and will take care of our founder and if they are not present when the death appears (which means they cant take care of his life), they will ensure that the humans who did this, suffer.
Of course some are just born as humans and have forgotten basic human behaviour.

Our founder doesnot want anyone to behave illegaly and he is sure that more than killing someone, the culprits should suffer everyday.

Our founder thinks everyone has expiry date and his date was not 28.08.2013, again thanks to Bhau and he survives for the benefit of you, all living beings and not living things.

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