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1.4 billion people (one in four) in the developing world were living below US$1.25 a day in 2005
We know God is in humans, and Gods can be Good for some and Bad for others, so we not even let Gods get out of competition.

Please remember that there are more than 1 billion citizens in this world who earn less that 1 USD a day. The 2008 World Bank research indicates that 1.4 billion people in the developing world were living below $1.25 a day in the year 2005.

But we know people like number 1. So many times on CSRidentity.com, you will read that more than 1 billion citizens (live) below $1 poverty line.

Of course, we think there are two types of poverty lines.
1) Economic poverty line and 2) Mental poverty line.
We are sharing here statistics related to economic poverty line.

CSRidentity.com is not a political or religious party which says remove poverty.

We are a social enterprise which requests you to convert at least 1 person from below the poverty line to above the poverty line in your life time or through a registered WILL

Of course this is financial poverty.
Mind poverty has far larger numbers than 1.4 Billion odd economic poor and these medically born citizens can be from middle class, upper middle class, financially rich .....
its greed, ego ...........

If 1.4 billion citizens above the poverty line help 1.4 billion citizens who earn below $ 1.25 a day and lift them above the poverty line, then the world will be a much better place to live & leave. So it is our request to those who can afford to donate at least $ 1.25 per day to give this gift and lift 1 person above the poverty line. And yes, you get satisfaction in return gift and it is invaluable satisfaction.

And please remember that USD rate changes quite often & we are mentioning 1.25 USD as an example. (e.g. as on 22.09.2016 1 USD = Rs 66.8869 for India. It is not the rate as of today).

Also, each country has a poverty line according to its conditions and what is required to know are two things
1) your country's poverty line 2) your country's Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Yes, like many people in the world, we also love to meet citizens who are rich financially or politicians who rule countries, but remember it gives great satisfaction to meet below the poverty line person or family .... and it will give us great satisfaction if anyone (just anyone) takes 1 person above the poverty line.

Unfortunately, most of us couple economic prosperity with social prosperity.
(It is absolutely wrong even to think this)

Remember, no one takes any money or house or property or just anything when they leave this world. Do help others in your lifetime..its joy, its satisfaction.

Of course our founder never believed in any specific religion (neither as a company nor as an individual), country, caste... our belief was reaffirmed after 28.08.2013.

We were working a system to just see if we can lift just one below the poverty line person (we even had thought of the person) above the poverty line as an example.

At CSRidentity.com, we will use substantial time & resources to promote not only social & developmental issues but plan to help NGOs/NPOs working on these issues to raise funds / volunteers / campaigners & get more support. And while we invest time required to generate income for our sustainability, sustainability & reputation of good stakeholders across the world & plan to invest time to identify those who work with below the poverty line people.
This gives a great joy, which is more than an award & it generates invaluable satisfaction.

Remember : Every one of us has Expiry date.
In this life, how many us have seen very poor people in real life (not just on TV or films or internet or youtube). For those who have never seen people below the poverty line in real life, see Hari Wagh from rural area of Thane that we met in 2015. See him & his interview on youtube in Marathi language.

We were thinking of giving Rs 1000/- per month to Hari Wagh and went to his house. We realised that just money is not important for two things.
1) There were 6 people in the family and the money will be divided by 6, so it is not going to lift him above poverty line.
2) There has to be someone who monitors how the money or the other material we provide is used.

On October 2, 2016, we have decided to take the entire pada (part of a small village of about 250 families) for development. This pada, Kokanipada, near Uthalsar, Manpada, is of adivasi community (many think they are tribals but in reality they are close to Thane urban area, so they are not tribals but are born as adivasi's) and we start with education as the first step.

Video : Poverty line
The poverty threshold, poverty limit or poverty line is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country.In practice, like the definition of poverty, the official or common understanding of the poverty line is significantly higher in developed countries than in developing countries.In October 2015, the World Bank updated the international poverty line to US$1.90 a day.Most scholars agree that it better reflects today's reality, particularly new price levels in developing countries.

We invite people from Thane, India, any NRI, or any individual / institution in the world to share donation or volunteer to show Kokanipada as an example of universal development. We will do it in partnership with Developed Nation Network Trust, the NGO we formed in year 2009.

We will also start sharing the guidelines with people across the world so that more people can be lifted above the so called poverty line.

To summarise
CSRidentity.com through Developed Nation Network Trust has decided to work with local government, forest ministry, corporates, funding agencies, celebrities, NGOs ..., volunteers to make a sample universal development initiative which can be replicated across the world. It is urban, rural and interestingly it is a forest area. So many things can be replicated or scaled up ... of course Kokanipada is not a desert area, so we may share one village in the desert area of Rajasthan as an example - we will not work there but share this as an example)

The village needs help with road infrastructure, education, water, toilets ...
we may meet the related government officials.

Of course we thought that our name should not be known to any citizen in the village Kokanipada. But realised that villagers need and value help. And they think its important to remember anyone helping them.
And realised that organisations need their brand name.
So whether we like it is not is not the issue here.
To help Kokanipada village, we need to share our as well as partner organisation's name.

Remember every second there are deaths because of medical reasons, accidents, worst behaviour of so called economically above the economic poverty line but mentally poor citizens, criminals, terrorists...
As part of our respect, we may start a new folder from 28.08.2018, where we share the names of people (not names of organisation who help them but names of individuals) who have helped organisation lifting people above the poverty line.
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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.