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Welcome to India, the only country where CSRidentity.com shares States/UTs and districts because India is our global sample country
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See the number of citizens in this world as of now. Its 7.48 billion (748 crore plus) as of 8 AM on 11.2.2017
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3.30 million (33 lakh) NGOs, thousands of corporates, media, doctors, police.. makes India unique.
India is our global example country and in each stakeholder category like corporates, NGOs..., we put India as a country in brand visibility. It certainly helps all. corporates, funding agencies, donors, volunteers who are looking for NGOs and NGOs who are interested in knowing donors, volunteers.

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Social issues is our focus number 1 and are shared countrywise from homepage of CSRidentity.com
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We plan to increase the issues to 150 or 175 by April 7, 2017 because we know you have clear focus. So we are converting subissues into issues
India is the only country in this world where central govt has a 2% CSR rule for corporates.
What is this rule, what are the views of corporates, NGOs, foundations, stock exchanges and others will be shared in the form of interviews of them shortly.

We respect PM's nation building initiatives, questions MPs ask in the parliament of development of India. UN, WHO & World Bank help each UN member country.
PM's 10-point agenda in 2014