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We may add more social & developmental issues (of course we will add more issues only if one is willing to share because we cant give right info otherwise)
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Each one of us is responsible for issues
Many citizens in this world who are worried or busy in their own world, feel that it is government's responsibility on issues like infrastructure, governance, transparency, economy ...
we are of the clear belief that every individual & institution must follow strict rules on issues like governance, transparency

We know that each one (individuals & institutions) is an investor of social & developmental issues but we want each one to financially invest. It can be 1 USD per month or 50% of their wealth or socially greats who invest 100% of their time.

We respect (but do not cover in detail)
NASA and USAID pioneer the use of space technologies for development efforts
Connecting space to village
Irwin’s move to NASA would help catalyze cooperation between the space scientists and development practitioners.
“I would walk down the hallways and talk with the most unbelievable scientists doing the most amazing research,” Irwin said of his early days with NASA. “I realized there was a gap between the great science so many people were doing and the real needs in the developing world.”
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Why cover issues like marine life, wild life ...
Many of our friends and site visitors are concerned about why we plan to cover issues like pet animals, marine life, wild life where there may be no sponsors & financial gain. They feel that there are specialised agencies which take care of these issues.

Funds or no funds. We feel that this world should not take these issues lightly. Therefore, we have taken an editorial decision that even if there is no financial income and we have to invest our own time & money, we must highlight and promote these issues so that they get the deserved attention.

We know we have to take care of this thought & process because we cant change this world & its human beings immediately. But we and we feel that all citizens, must start the process now so that we all can be see a new universe.

WHO report indicates that in 2006, India had 105725 road traffic fatalities. This is 2006 and not 2017.

Today this number seems to be 140 000+ Indian citizens who loose their precious life. And these are road accidents and we must add to these number the fatal rail accidents or air accidents ...

The adoption figures for India are even shocking. In 2014-15, the "in country adoption" is 3988 and the "inter country adoption" is 374.

Issue : Children will bear the brunt of climate change – UNICEF report

Sustainability & Reputation tree top & roots are coomon for all stakeholders like government, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, media, consulting & research organisations, ad & PR agecies ... as well as individuals, celebrities .. the branches & leaves for each one depends on the type of stakeholder and they will be different.

The Sustainability & Reputation tree in a way shares parameters on which CSR is measured. Let us be clear that CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation and we dont think it means only Corporate Social Responsbility afterall corporates are just one stakeholder and it is myopic to think that only corporates have social responsibility.

Afterall dont individuals live in a society (again it is myopic to think housing society, it is SOCIETY which means you, your family, yor neithboushood, your relatives, friends, colleagues, employees, supply chain, competition, country, continent, world.. and you have social responsibility ?

Let us first say that these are key issues according to many people because they have an effect on large number of humans.
e.g. Many countries depend on agriculture
many in the cities see animals which are pet animals or they like marine life & wild life,
there are several disabled in every country (disability is of various types), each one needs education (education in institutues plus value education)
people need employment (either they are employees or they provide employment)

we all are an integral part of this environment , most of us have bank accounts (now we must know the financial inclusion system), all of us eat food, all of us have to take care of our health first, all of all leave in a house (hut, flat, bunglow, palace ...), all of us have hunger, all of us need income, all of us stay in nature (so natural development is key), we must eat good & nutritious food (especially the new generation many of who are nutrition conscious), all of us are an integral part of the world population (there are countries where the density of population is decreasing faster and there are countries where the density is increasing faster), poverty is actually the biggest disease in this world, there are millions who migrate to cities and live in a slum which is already crowded because of poor citizens, each one of us has some skills but we must constantly update these skills or must learn new skills which are key for the economy, rural & urban development is an absolute key, technology is brining us together faster & information technology is doing it even faster, there are tribals & aboriginals we must take care of, we can live without food for some days but cant live without water (water can be in various forms or is an integral part of things we eat).

From smaller today, these issues are going to be much more larger
Issues related to climate change and carbon footprint may be much disastrous issues if we dont take care of them today. We all should worry about use of plastic in packaging because it may be disastrous. The medicines and infact all products of future will be less in size, so we may need less packaging material. We all must ensure that all of us have a clear recycling process, so that we take care of humans & nature, infact universe.

Similarly the cancer can be a much larger issue in future.

Today, even the urban child uses information technology. In the future, the world will together much faster because of information technology.

Similarly labour may seem easier to get today but in the future, we may need only little numbers because technology can do the jobs of much larger number people. So an agricultural field will need much less people, the infrastructure in terms of roads will need much less people .....The land of tomorrow can be a much larger issue because of either more population or far less population. In any case, we may need less land because of new technology.

Many citizens think it is the government's responsibility on issues like governance, transparency, infrastructure, economy ... but we are of the clear belief that every institution must have a follow strict rules on issues like governance, transparency ...

We must ensure that justice to mankind in each country is same because people will constantly travel from one country to another either by road or rail (like in europe of today), because of jobs, because of increased networking. Or we may have to tackle global justice because the new corporates in the future will increasingly be global operators and it is difficult for them if there are different laws in eahc country. Many laws need to be global laws and only few laws can be different in each country, speically the laws which directly deal with communities especially rural communities.

And yes, peace of mind which be a much bigger issue of tomorrow because tomorrow's citizens will go through a lot of mental stress either because of tension or too much travel adds to stress of everyone.